E-Series - The Human Solution

E-Series - The Human Solution
1. Back Height
11. Arm Pad Position
10. Arm Pad Rotation
9. Arm Height
2. Forward Tilt-stop
3. Seat Height
middle lever
4. Seat Angle
front lever
5. Back Angle
rear lever
8. Arm Width
7. Seat Slider (Depth)
6. Seat Tilt Tension
E-Series™ - Multi-tilt
Back Height - Slowly lift the back until you have the
appropriate lumbar support. If the back is too high, lift the
Forward Tilt-stop - Recline seat angle slightly and
then turn the control to horizontal to lock out forward
tilt. To allow forward tilt, turn control vertically.
Back Angle - Lift lever and recline to your desired
position. Release lever to lock into place.
Seat Height - Lift the lever and lift your weight
to raise the seat to the desired position. To lower
the seat, lift the lever while remaining seated.
Seat Angle - Push down to adjust seat angle. Lift to lock
into place. For rocking, push the lever all the way down.
Seat Tilt Tension - From in front of the chair turn
the knob to the right to increase tension or turn
the knob to the left to decrease tension.
Seat Slider (Depth) - With your back against the
backrest, lift the bar under the front edge of seat to
disengage the lock and slide the seat to your desired
position. Release the bar to lock the seat in place.
Arm Width - Loosen the knob under the arm to release
the arm and slide the arm to the proper position.
Tighten the knob to lock the arm into place.
Arm Height - Slowly lift the arm until your arms are
properly supported. If the arm is too high lift the arm
all the way up and then lower to the first position.
Arm Pad Rotation - Grasp the arm and
pivot arm to desired position.
Arm Pad Position - Grasp the arm pad and
move arm pad to desired position.
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