buddy system
Always stay in pairs for mutual safety and assistance. Aberzombie & Fitch, for example,
weren’t too picky about who went first, but it was always Aberzombie who did the funny
stuff while Fitch was the straight man.
Develop or get larger
Failed bomb
Guitar neck features
Infant bed
It’s on the Canadian dollar
Japanese wine
Make suds
Male deer
Multiply by two
Pigpen is one
Remove skin
Shark rival
Smoked salmon
E2 W2 B1 X1 D1 E1 G1 N2 L1 O1 W1 P1 B2 T1 G2
Bands of color
Black, sticky substance
Fine, prison, or death
Hard work
Launder or scrub
Money in the bank
Peas and carrots and others
Provide hands
Singer Raitt
Six feet under
They reflect zombies, not vampires
Woman about to be married
P2 A2 X2 U1 O2 A1 U2 T2 L2 D2 N1
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