SBCSC365/34U Philips Baby Monitor

SBCSC365/34U Philips Baby Monitor
Baby Monitor
Baby monitor with sound
level lights
This baby monitor is easy to install and use, this model features sound level lights that
enable you to watch the level of baby's sounds without disturbance, no matter where
you are in the house.
Convenience for you and your child
• Charging Base keeps batteries recharged and ready for use
• Simplifies the selection of the volume you prefer
• Sound-level lights display the level of your baby's sounds
• High-quality microphone has adjustable sensitivity
• Save money with rechargeable parent unit and charging base
Reliability & Piece of mind
• More transmission channels lowers the risk of interference
• Battery low indication shows when to refresh batteries
• System check alarm Informs of malfunction or out-of-range
• System check light reassures you that the monitor is working
• Free from interference from other cordless devices
• Analog Pilot Tone minimizes interference from other devices
Flexibility in monitoring your child
• Take the parent unit with you in and around the house
Baby Monitor
Frequency band: 40.675 - 40.690 MHz
Number of pilot tones: 4
Pilot tone: Analogue
Maximum range: 250 m
Number of channels: 2
Auto out of range warning
Battery charging indication
Battery low indication
Power on indication
Sound-level lights
• System check: Battery check light
• Volume control
AC/DC Adaptor: 2x 9V DC 200mA
Batteries: 4 x AA baby unit not incl.
Belt clip: Belt clip on parent unit
Charger: Charging base for parent unit
User Manual
• Battery voltage: 4.8 V
• Operating time on battery: 12 hr
Charging base
Thanks to the built-in battery charger in the base,
you get extra freedom (when fully charged) to take
the parent unit with you around the home and stay
in touch with your baby. It' s also a convenient place
to store the parent unit, and ensure it's always ready
for use.
Volume control
A handy rotary control sets the volume to the ideal
level to suit your preference.
Sound-level lights
Sometimes its a great help to 'see' when your baby
makes a sound. This row of lights provide you with a
clear visual indication.
Adjust Microphone sensitivity
Possibility to set the sensitivity of the microphone so
you only hear the sounds you want to hear.
Rechargeable Parent unit
Putting the parent unit on the charging base will
automatically start recharging of the batteries, so it's
always ready for portable use.
Number of channels
A choice of channels significantly reduces the risk of
interference or sounds from other baby monitors in
the neighbourhood.
Battery-low indication
To know in time when the batteries need to be
recharged or replaced.
System check alarm
The parent unit gives an audible alarm when it is
outside the communication range of the baby unit or
when the communication link is not reliable.
System check light
Green light on the parent unit lights when the
connection between the baby and the parent unit is
reliable and flashes when the parent unit is outside
the range of the baby unit or when the
communication link is not reliable.
Interference free
To ensure that you stay in contact with your baby,
the link between parent unit and baby unit
incorporates technology that shuts out unwanted
noise and signals from other cordless devices. You
only hear your baby.
Analogue Pilot Tone
A special tone that is transmitted along with the
audio signal minimizes the chance of interference
from other wireless appliances.
Use in & around the house
Rest assured that as you take the parent unit with
you as you move in and around your house, the
parent unit will stay in touch with the baby unit. It
keeps you reassuringly informed and able to respond
quickly when baby calls.
Range in open air
Issue date 2014-02-10
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12 NC: 9082 100 00601
EAN: 87 10101 68884 8
In the open air with no obstacles, the safe distance
between the baby unit and parent unit is greater than
indoors, so you can take the parent unit with you
into the garden or to the neighbour's house without
loosing contact.
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