Assignment App
Assignment App
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Let the Assignments App be your coursework
and homework manager. Create and apply
Assignment Categories to index assignments.
Enter detailed assignment descriptions, when
assigned and when due. Students will have a
clear picture of what work is required to
complete your course. So will their parents!
Editing a Assignment App or Page
The Assignments App offers these features.
 Filters to display assignments by
individual categories, month and year
 A logical display of current and past due
 Titles that are links to display complete
assignment details
 Option to display assignments by due
date on a Calendar App with a hot link to
About the Assignassignment details
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Assignment App
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Here’s how you add and populate an Assignments App in
your workspace. Create a page with a one-column layout.
1. Click New Page and select the Assignments Page Type.
2. Name and save the page.
6. Click the Assignments tab. Click New Assignment. Click each tab, add content
and click Save.
 General—Add administrative assignment details.
 Directions—Add assignment instructions. Use tools to create rich content.
 Attachments—You must save a new record before this tab displays. You
can then add a video attachment.
 Post To Calendar—Check Add to Calendar and choose a Calendar App in
your current workspace. Apply an event category, which is defined in the
Calendar App you select. The assignment displays on the calendar.
Editing a Assignment App or Page
3. Click Actions and Edit Page.
About the
4. Click the Categories tab.
5. Click New Category and add the categories
you’ll use to index your assignments.
7. Click Details for quick date and category reference.
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