T 12/1 eco!efficiency

T 12/1 eco!efficiency
Dry vacuum cleaners
T 12/1 eco!efficiency
Highly advanced tub vacuum cleaner with reduced energy consumption
Suction hose 12 m
Metal suction tube, 2 x 0.5 m
Filter bag Fleece
Switchable floor nozzle 285 mm
Container material Plastic
Floor tool
Safety class II
Order no.: 9.622-566.0
Technical data
Air flow rate (l/s)
Vacuum (mbar/kPa)
Container capacity (l)
Max. intake performance (W)
max. 750
Standard nominal size (mm)
Length of cord access. (m)
Sound level (db(A))
Sound power level (db(A))
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
Energy efficiency class
The highly advanced T 12/1 eco!efficiency offers dramatically reduced noise and energy consumption
compared to other tub vacs – without compromising daily cleaning performance. By using optimised air
flow channels, the T 12/1 eco!efficiency provides almost the same cleaning performance as the standard
machine, but with 40% less energy consumption and at only 56dB(A).
Adapter (tube -> nozzle)
From DN 32 to DN 35: Plastic adapter (electrically non-conductive). Suitable for
BV and T vacuum cleaners.
Order no. 6.902-083.0
All-purpose brushes
All-purpose brush, DN 32
All-purpose plastic brush Bristles: 120 x 45 mm. For all T and BV types.
Order no. 6.906-122.0
Combi-nozzles (dry)
Combination floor tool for parquet
Plastic combination floor tool for parquet (DN 32) with brush strips and two rollers,
suitable for all industrial T vacuum cleaners. Combination floor tool without
changeover function. 360 mm
Order no. 6.906-107.0
Combination floor tool (dry)
Plastic combination floor tool with changeover function (ID 32; 260 mm), with
stainless steel base plate.
Order no. 6.906-211.0
Combination floor tool
Plastic combination floor tool with plastic base plate and two rollers.
Order no. 6.906-812.0
Connecting sleeves
Adapter, DN 32/35, with internal thread
Electrically non-conductive adapter with internal thread. For connecting two
suction hoses without connectors. Suitable for DN 32 or DN 35.
Order no. 6.902-077.0
Crevice nozzles
Crevice nozzle
Plastic crevice tool (DN 32) for industrial dry vacuum cleaners for vacuuming in
crevices and corners.
Order no. 6.903-403.0
Electric brush
Brush-head ESB 34 - 230 V
ESB 34 with suction hose with integrated electric cabel and telescopic suction
Order no. 2.642-442.0
Electric brush – ESB 28
Electric brush with suction hose, power cord and telescopic suction tube. For
better dirt pick up from textiles. Also suitable for flexible and hard surfaces. For T
201 and T 12/1.
Order no. 2.641-815.0
Exhaust air filter
Standard exhaust filter
Standard exhaust filter and diffusor for reducing filtered air. Made of foam.
Order no. 6.414-802.0
Motor protection filter felt
Order no. 6.414-611.0
Extension hoses (Clip-system)
Extension hose, C 32, C 35 clip system
Electrically non-conductive standard extension hose for all C-32 and C-35 hoses
with clip system.
Order no. 6.906-237.0
Extension hose C 32-, C 35-Clip-system, el.
for all C-32 and C-35 hoses, electrically conductive.
Order no. 6.906-277.0
Fabric filter bag
Fabric filter bag
Cotton filter bags, washable up to 40°C, suitable for T7/1, T 10/1 and T 12/1
Order no. 6.904-316.0
Fleece filter bags (3 ply)
Fleece filter bags
Extremely tear-resistant, 3-ply fleece filter bags, dust class M. Fleece filter bags
have 2 to 3 times the capacity of conventional paper filter bags. Standard for T
10/1 and T 12/1.
Order no. 6.904-315.0
Fleece filter bags
Fleece filter bag, 3-ply, tear-proof, dust class M, large-scale consumer unit.
Order no. 6.904-321.0
HEPA filter for dust class H
HEPA filter cassette
HEPA filter cassette (paper/plastic) - H 12 - increases filter capacity and improves
exhaust air. Optional (with Professional version as standard) filter instead of
exhaust filter cassette.
Order no. 6.414-801.0
Main filter baskets
Main filter basket with reinforced fleece
Plastic frames with reinforced fleece material, washably to 40°C.
Order no. 4.731-011.0
Permanent main filter basket
Main filter basket for T 15/1, T 12/1 and T 17/1 can be used as a main filter with
or without filter bag. Nylon-plastic frame, washable up to 40°C.
Order no. 5.731-640.0
Nozzle sets
Nozzle kit ID 32, for T vacuum cleaners with clip holder
Nozzle kit (DN 32) for all industrial dry vacuum cleaners, includes crevice tool,
upholstery tool, round brush and clip holder.
Order no. 2.860-143.0
Paper filter (2 ply)
Paper filter bags
10 paper filter bags dust class M. Suitable for all T 12/1 models.
Order no. 6.904-312.0
Paper filter bags, bulk consumer pack
Dust class M
Paper filter (2 ply)
Order no. 6.904-318.0
Plastic bend
Plastic bend, C-ID 32
Plastic with C-32 clip system.
Order no. 4.408-051.0
Plastic bend
Electrically conductive plastic bend (DN 32) with C-32 clip system, reduces static
buildup. Optional for BV 111, T 7/1, T 191, T 10/1, T 12/1, T 201/T201 + ESB 28.
Order no. 4.408-052.0
Comfort plastic bend, C-ID 32
Plastic bend (DN 32) with C-32 clip system with opening for adjusting the floor
tool for high-pile or extremely dense textile coverings.
Order no. 4.440-865.0
Radiator brushes
Radiator brush
Radiator brush is suitable for crevice tool 6.903-403.0
Order no. 6.903-404.0
Repair kits
Repair set, C 32
Repair set (C32) includes threaded hose adapters for industrial T vacuum
cleaners with clip system.
Order no. 2.639-739.0
Suction brushes
Suction brush
Rotatable suction brush (DN 32 plastic) with PA bristles, 70x45 mm. Only for BV
and T vacuum cleaners.
Order no. 6.903-887.0
Suction hoses (Clip-system)
Suction hose, (clip system), C 32
2.5 m suction hose with dry vacuum cleaner connection, clip connection (C 32).
Order no. 4.440-911.0
Suction hoses complete (Clip-system)
Suction hose, complete (clip system), C DN 32, 2.5 m
Improved quality: 2.5 m suction hose with dry vacuum cleaner connection, clip
connection and bend (C-DN 32).
Order no. 4.440-907.0
Suction tubes metal
Suction tube
Metal suction tube (DN 32, length 0.5 m) with black plastic coating, suitable as an
extension, e.g. vacuuming ceilings.
Order no. 6.906-618.0
Telescopic suction tube
Chromium-plated metal telescopic tube (DN 32, length: 0.61-1 m), suitable as an
extension, e.g. vacuuming ceilings.
Order no. 6.903-524.0
Suction tube
Order no. 6.903-850.0
Turbo nozzle
Turbo nozzle
Plastic turbo upholstery nozzle (DN 35/32, 160 mm) with reduction sleeve.
Order no. 2.860-113.0
Turbo nozzle, DN 32
Plastic turbo floor nozzle (DN 35/32, 270 mm) with reduction sleeve.
Order no. 2.860-114.0
Upholstery nozzles
Upholstery nozzle
Plastic upholstery tool (DN 32) with thread catcher, standard for T 201, T 201 +
ESB 28. Optional for T 7/1, T 191, T 10/1.
Order no. 6.903-402.0
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