Please complete the Department Roles Survey to identify your

Please complete the Department Roles Survey to identify your
Please complete the Department Roles Survey to identify your department's Service Billing Processor Accounts
following the instructions below. This form works best with the latest version of Internet Explorer, but should work
with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers as well.
Editing Existing Rows:
Existing rows in the data will need to have the Revenue Account Number filled in. Some Employee Names and NET IDs
will have to be changed if staffing has changed or staff roles have changed since the list was created.
1) Click the down arrow that appears to the right of the Department Name column when you hover next to it.
This will create an automatic search of unique Department Names we have populated into the survey. It
may take a short while to load the list, so hold the mouse here while it does so.
2) Scroll down to find your Department Name (or other field such as Employee Name)
This will filter your results, giving you a short list of rows:
3) After filtering the results, choose the row to edit by hovering the mouse by the check box of the row you
wish to edit. Click the edit icon to open the row to edit mode.
4) Edit the Revenue Account Number field to include the appropriate revenue account. Please enter the
account number in a seven digit format without hyphens. ie: 2022680 as opposed to 202-26-80.
5) Make sure to click the floppy disk icon to save the row to the database.
6) You should now be finished updating the data.
If you need to Create a New Row or Delete an Existing Row:
Creating Rows:
1) Click the plus shaped icon under the list and an empty row will appear for you to fill out.
2) Save the row by clicking the floppy disk icon
Deleting rows:
1) Delete rows by clicking the KFS Service Billing Processor Accounts link
2) Choose the row you wish to delete and click the ‘X Delete Item’ option at the top of the list
3) Confirm that you wish to delete the row from the database.
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