HD2178/60 Philips Electric Pressure Cooker

HD2178/60 Philips Electric Pressure Cooker
Philips Avance Collection
Electric Pressure Cooker
6 Liter
Preparation of your favorite dishes
MultiCooker quick and healty food
Philips multicooker, pressure cooker ensure preparation of your favorite dishes quickly
and keeping vitamins
Smart and fast cooking
• Nutritional keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours
• Integrated microprocessor ensure easy cooking
Easy to operate
• Sensitive sensor touch operational panel
• Easy-to-program timer indicates the cooking progress
• Preset-timer for 24 hours
The ultimate in convenience
• Innovative dual handle design, free to hang on wall
• Easy-to-clean detachable inner lid design
Safe cooking
• Auto pressure release function for shorter wait times
• Sensible valve locks up upper lid under high pressure
• Child lock enhance safe operation
Electric Pressure Cooker
6 Liter
Child lock
You can lock the control panel by pressing down on
the 'Child lock' button for three seconds. This
automatically locks the operation panel, ensuring
there is no misuse from children during the cooking
procedure. Press the 'Child lock' button for another
3 seconds to unlock it.
• Included: Measuring cup, Spatula, Scoop
Country of origin
• Made in: China
General specifications
• Keep warm function: 24 hour(s)
• Product features: On/off switch, Time control
Auto pressure release device
Technical specifications
Sensitive sensor touch operational panel
12 hours keep warm
Controlled by micro-chip, the pressure regulator
valve is automatically turned on to release the
pressure right after cooking, so there's no need to
discharge the pressure manually or wait for the
pressure to drop naturally as the cooker cools - you
can enjoy the great food immediately!
Use the keep warm function to keep rice or dishes
warm for a longer period of time, without losing
food nutrition and taste. When the cooking process
is finished, the rice cooker automatically switches to
the keep warm mode
Preset-timer for 24 hours
Easy-to-clean detachable inner lid design.
Preset-timer for 24 hours
Sensible valve
Sensible valve locks up upper lid under high pressure
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EAN: 08 71010 36777 10
Capacity bowl: 6 L
Cord length: 1.2 m
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 1000 W
Voltage: 240 V
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