1917 East Spruce Olathe, KS 66062 www.lockeequipment.com 913

1917 East Spruce Olathe, KS 66062 www.lockeequipment.com 913
1917 East Spruce
Olathe, KS 66062
913 782 8500
B&W provides water tube package boilers in a wide range of
capacities from 8,000 to 600,000 lb/hr. Single-source
supplier of innovative energy solutions and total-scope
services for hospitals, universities, manufacturing and
processing facilities, utilities, petrochemical, pulp and paper,
pharmaceuticals. Specifically designed to complement each other in operation, all major components in the FM package
boiler system are supplied by B&W: ■ Boiler ■ Burner ■ Controls ■ Fan ■ Economizer ■ Soot blowers ■ Boiler Feed
Systems ■ SCR and CO catalyst.
Global leaders in ultra‐low emission (low NOx) process burners, boiler burners, duct burners, flares, thermal oxidizers, flare
gas and vapor recovery systems. Serving the power, industrial, process, refinery, and petrochemical markets with
innovative and cost‐effective technologies for over 100 years.
Superior Boiler Works, since 1940, the world's leading manufacturer of Scotch Marine
Fire-tube boilers and associated boiler room equipment (deaerators, feedwater systems,
blowdown tanks, and stack economizers) for process steam, hot water, and waste
recovery. New product offering includes hot water condensing boilers up to
12.0MMBH. Superior Boiler Works is leading the way as a facilitator of Green Energy
solutions with boilers powered by alternative fuels
Worldwide leader in the manufacturing and installation of boilers, SCR, low NOx
burners, and flue gas desulfurization systems.
Aftermarket services include fuel
conversions, operation optimization, pressure parts retrofit and renewal, and outage
support services
Since 1933, Peerless Mfg. Co. has been providing equipment and service to the
industrial, power and process industries. Peerless provides state-of-the-art, integrated
environmental solutions, the cornerstone of which is our Selective Catalytic Reduction
(SCR) system capability. SCR systems are applied to equipment that burns fossil fuel,
converting nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions into harmless nitrogen and water
Industry leader in the design and application of filter and separator systems for
process fluids, natural gas fuel cleaning, and liquid/solid removal from vapor
Revision 12.11 9/17/12
Custom engineered flue gas economizers and tubular air heaters. Shop and field
assembled packages with engineering and construction services provided.
Indirect fired, water bath heaters for use in utility, processing, and upstream oil and
gas industry applications. Applications include natural gas conditioning, process
steam heating, feed stock heating, and turbine gas conditioning.
Low mass instant steam and hot water boilers up to 300 HP with gas and oil firing.
"Miura Advantage" is the ability to reach full output from cold start in less than five
minutes using the least amount of energy and having the lowest environmental impact.
S. T. Johnson is an industry leader in providing reliable and innovative combustion
solutions for new gas, oil, low NOx and ultra-low NOx burners. Packaged burner and
control systems for up to 2000 HP fire tube and water tube boiler applications.
Designer and manufacturer of quality heat recovery, condensing economizers, and
combustion systems. Applications include boilers (150hp to 500,000 lb/hr) and process
equipment including heaters and dryers (5 - 500 mmBtu). Heat recovery technology
encompasses gas to liquid or gas to gas exchangers and waste heat boilers. These can
be supplied for boilers, fired heaters, ovens, dryers, process applications and incinerators. Energy recovery solutions
complete with engineering, manufacturing, and field construction.
Preferred Instruments manufactures microprocessor based controllers, instruments,
and electric actuators for combustion and process applications, oil tank gauging and
leak detection equipment, and control systems integration and SCADA systems.
Badger Industries, manufacturer of service-rated expansion joints, metal bellows-type
expansion joints, and duct flex joints. Full service custom engineering for all power and
utility applications.
For over 45 years Nationwide Boiler Inc. has supplied industrial and commercial
users with reliable equipment and trusted service. Nationwide offers a complete
line of low NOx boilers, mobile rental units, EconoStak economizers for fuel
efficiency, the CataStak™ SCR system for < 5 ppm NOx compliance, and boiler
related equipment for rental, short term, seasonal, emergency use, or for sale.
Services: Engineering Consulting / Energy Audits / Boiler Conversions and Upgrades
Staff: Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Draftsmen
Revision 12.11 9/17/12
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