Safeguard Yogurt Quality and Reduce Processing Costs with Pall`s

Safeguard Yogurt Quality and Reduce Processing Costs with Pall`s
Safeguard Yogurt Quality and Reduce Processing
Costs with Pall’s Fuente II Filters
Yogurt is the most popular cultured dairy product
worldwide. Its healthy image supports the
dynamic development of a vast array of products
featuring new and innovative ingredients,
nutritional benefits, and packaging choices.
Modern yogurt production typically demands
large volume, continuous processing with critical
attention to product quality, from the milk receipt
through to final packaging. Protection of the
product, defined by its specific flavor and texture
profile, requires efficient prevention of microbial
contamination in order to reduce the risk of quality
defects, such as off-flavors and whey separation,
reduced shelf life and subsequent product losses.
While much attention is typically given to the
prevention of airborne contamination primarily in
the fermentation and filling areas, the quality of
water in direct contact with product and process
surfaces is just as critical.
In the last stages of the manufacturing process,
yogurt is particularly sensitive to re-contamination
by yeast and mold, which can easily grow in
sweet, acidic conditions. Potential bacteria
contamination, mostly coming from the water
source, can also lead to product failures and
The Challenge
Water is a key process component, with
approximately 1 liter used per kilogram of yogurt
produced, and is typically distributed via large
piping networks to the various points of use,
ranging from basic wash-down to more stringent
sterile water applications. Yogurt producers have
developed strict microbiological specifications for
ingredient water or process water used at critical
points, in addition to the general water quality
requirements regarding clarity, hardness and taste
or odor.
Contaminant-free water is commonly used after a
cleaning procedure for the final rinse of the
equipment surfaces in contact with the product,
and it is also increasingly used to separate yogurt
batches from one another and push the yogurt
through the process pipelines to the filling
Short water rinses (10 to 20 minutes) have been
demonstrated to be highly efficient for product
push, sweeping away yogurt from tanks and
piping surfaces. Such water “breaks” allow the
various yogurt batches to be packaged one after
the other, without causing mixes of the different
batches or requiring intermediate CIP cycles.
This procedure, used 5 to 10 times a day, requires
consistent high quality water, free from spoilage
micro-organisms, to prevent yogurt contamination
during the transfer operation to the filling line.
Inadequate water quality can penalize yogurt
producers with additional processing costs, such
• Inefficient protection against contamination
• Increased downtime
• Product yield decrease
• Increase of cleaning chemical and wastewater
discharge costs
• Increase of energy costs
Membrane filtration, which consistently removes
micro-organisms is a reliable and cost-effective
alternative to pasteurization of the water.
Pall, recognized in many industries for process
water purification and recycling, offers expertise
and capabilities to optimize water quality costeffectively.
The Solution: Fuente II Filters for High
Quality Process Water
The Fuente II membrane filter provides reliable
bacteria reduction for highest product safety. It
is designed as a 0.2 µm-rated microorganism
retaining filter for use within the Food and
Beverage industry.
• Reliable bacteria reduction, providing a sterile
effluent, when challenged with Brevundimonas
diminuta at a specific challenge level of
>10 7/cm ²
• High flow rate characteristics resulting in
economical filtration and smaller footprint
• Superior mechanical resistance, with tolerance
to high pressure drop and numerous steam
sterilization cycles up to 142°C, resulting in
reliable performance over long operating life
• Possible combination with user-friendly, high
accuracy Palltronic® Flowstar integrity test
instrument, for quality assurance and further
cost optimization
The Fuente II filter cartridges can be supplied with
all 316L stainless steel sanitary housings, available
in single or multi-round options to suit customer
Pall’s selection of water treatment solutions offers
cost-effective choices for optimizing upstream
water quality for a longer life of the final filters, also
addressing additional clarification, polishing and
other water treatment needs.
The filter is comprised of two layers of
polyethersulfone membrane. The filter cartridge
is manufactured using the Ultipleat® construction,
a unique laid-over pleat configuration which
maximizes membrane area, resulting in increased
flow rates and long filter life.
Integrity testing of membrane filters at regular
intervals provides verification for use throughout
their operating life. Palltronic Flowstar instruments,
designed with direct measurement technology for
integrity control of both liquid and gas membrane
filters, which are linked to microbial validation, offer
automated, rapid and highly accurate testing of all
membrane filters in the dairy plant. The compact
SASE housings
Fuente II filter cartridges
and splash-proof design is optimally suited to be
used in production environments. A unique
Multiplex version is capable of testing up to eight
filters sequentially and automatically further saving
operator time.
Fuente II membrane filters provide high water
quality which efficiently protects yogurt batches
from recontamination when transferred through
the pipeline network, thus improving dairy
manufacturers’ economics.
With the recommended enhancement of integrity
testing, dairy operators can be assured of
additional reliability and cost savings.
Palltronic Flowstar XC
• Reliable product protection, avoiding costs
• Maximizing utilization of filling capacity by
increasing product yield and daily production
• Savings in water and chemical costs due to
associated with contamination and product non
• Avoidance of premature filter change-out due to
reduced chemical cleaning cycles
• Reduction of water discharge volumes produced
by cleaning operations
overly conservative preventive maintenance, and
enhancement of HACCP programs by use of
integrity testing
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