Mattel Skip-Bo Retro User manual

Mattel Skip-Bo Retro User manual
Size: 3” X 15.75”
Color: 1C + 1C
Card Game
CONTENTS: 162 cards
Please remove all components from the package and
compare them to the components list.
Remove any blank cards – these are not used.
OBJECT: Be the first player to play all the cards in your
STOCK pile.
Shuffle the deck and deal the appropriate number of
cards to each player. (See chart.) These cards remain
facedown and are called your STOCK pile.
2 to 4 players
30 cards
5 or more players
20 cards
Turn over only the top card of your STOCK pile and
leave it, face up, on top of the pile.
The cards from your STOCK pile are what you’re trying
to get rid of to win the game.
During play, up to 4 BUILDING piles will be created
and used by all players. Create the BUILDING piles in
the middle of the playing area, close to the DRAW pile.
During play, each player will also create up to 4
DISCARD piles in front of them. Players will only use their
own DISCARD piles.
Place the remaining deck facedown close to the
middle of the play area. This is the DRAW pile.
Note: a Skip-Bo® card is wild and may be used as any
card you need.
Note: the piles with dotted lines will be created, as necessary,
during play.
Stock Pile
Player A
Discard Piles Player A
Draw Pile
Both Players
Building Piles Both Players
Discard Piles Player B
Stock Pile
Player B
The youngest player goes first. On their turn, each
player will do several things in the following order.
1.Draw from the DRAW pile until you have 5 cards.
This is your hand. (At the beginning of every turn,
you will draw back up to 5.)
2.If possible, add to BUILDING piles from your hand,
Discard piles and Stock pile. (See below for what
you’re allowed to add to a Building pile.)
3.When you’ve played all the cards from your Stock
pile or hand that you can, end your turn by adding
1 card from your hand to any of the 4 Discard piles
in front of you. Play now moves to the next player.
Note: if you get rid of all 5 cards in your hand on a
turn, draw back up to 5 IMMEDIATELY and continue
playing your turn. You may continue to immediately
draw back up to 5 any time you use ALL 5 cards.
(Discarding your 5th card DOES NOT count as getting
rid of all of your cards in one turn.)
You will get rid of your Stock pile by playing the
top card, when you can, on the Building piles.
When you’ve used the top card of your Stock pile,
turn over the next card. On your turn, you may
keep playing the top card as long as there are
available plays.
At the end of your turn, you will discard ANY
one card from your hand onto ANY of your
discard piles. (They do NOT have to be in
sequential order.)
On your turn, you may play the top cards from
any of your Discard piles onto any of the Building
piles, if there’s an available play.
BUILDING PILES: A 1 or a Skip-Bo® card is
required to begin any of the 4 Building piles.
Cards must be added to the Building
piles sequentially.
For example, if a 4 is the top card on a Building
pile, you may put either a 5 or a Skip-Bo® card on
top followed by a 6, etc. (A Skip-Bo® card is wild
and may be used as any card you need.)
A Building pile is completed when a 12 is
played. Move completed piles to the side of the
playing area. (You’ll need to shuffle and re-use
them if the DRAW pile runs out of cards.)
There may only be 4 Building piles at any
time. If you have a card to start a new pile but
there are already 4 piles, you must wait until a
Building pile is finished and a slot opens up to
start a new pile.
You may add to the Building piles with cards
from your hand, from your Discard pile or from
your Stock pile. But, remember, the Stock pile is
the one you’re trying to get rid of so this should
always be your first choice.
The first person to get rid of all of the cards in their
STOCK pile wins!
You may wish to play several games and keep score:
the winner of each game scores 5 points for each card
remaining in their opponents’ STOCK piles, plus 25
points for winning the game. The first person to collect
500 points wins.
In a partnership, you can play from both your and
your partner’s STOCK and DISCARD piles.
Partners may not discuss moves. When you are
playing, your partner must keep quiet.
Partners can continue to play from both DISCARD piles
even if one partner’s STOCK pile is finished.
The game is over when BOTH partner’s STOCK piles
are finished.
1.A player’s four DISCARD piles are imaginary until
they start them during play.
2.The BUILDING piles are imaginary until started by
players during the game.
3.The object of the game is to get rid of the cards from
your STOCK piles.
For a shorter game, deal a STOCK pile of only 10 cards
to each player.
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