cold weather solutions: electric heat and control products

cold weather solutions: electric heat and control products
Portable Unit Heaters
Portable electric heaters are available in radiant-heat or fan-forced-
Fixed and Portable Infrared
Radiant Heaters
air designs. Constructed for heavy-duty use, they are easily moved
Chromalox® ChromaStar™ infra-red heaters are designed to provide a
to virtually any location where instant heat is required. In forced-
rugged source of heat for use in areas where dependence on air
air applications, heater sizes range from 2 to 30 kW for use in
movement is impractical. The heaters are versatile, designed to provide
building construction for warming workers, drying and curing, thawing
warmth directly where it is needed for primary or spot heating
frozen pipes and machinery, and where temporary localized heat is
applications. Each unit is constructed for long life and requires minimal
necessary. Radiant heaters are available in sizes from 1.5 to 13.5 kW
maintenance. There are no moving parts or motors to wear out, no air
and are ideal for heating large open areas like loading docks
filters or lubrication required.
and warehouses.
All Chromalox ® ChromaStar™ radiant heaters feature
Dragon Heaters
the exclusive “Arctic End” patent-pending heating element
A rugged, industrial-grade, self-contained, highly
terminal construction that lowers the terminal box
mobile, electric fan-forced air heater, the
temperatures for extended element and wiring life.
all-electric Dragon heater can be left unattended
without the threat of combustion by-products
associated with fuel-fired heaters. Built-in safety
features include an adjustable thermostat to control the outlet air
temperature and auto-reset cutouts for the fan motor and heating
elements. The thermostat provides settings for full-off, fan-only,
and temperature control in the heating setting.
•7.5 to 30 kW
•208 to 600 V, single- and three-phase
•25,590 to 102,360 Btu/hr
•Rugged construction
•No assembly required
•CCSA US listed
•All units have built-in high-limit cutouts; 480/600 V units feature safe
120 V control circuit
•500 W to 13.5 kW
•120 to 600 V, single- and three-phase
•5,118 to 46,062 Btu­­/hr
•Fixed overhead models convertible to portable
•Portable models factory assembled
•Optional accessories include ground fault, disconnect, and
tip-over shutdown
• UL listed
Industrial Unit Heaters
These self-contained heaters provide quiet, reliable, fan-forced heat for
Washdown and Corrosion-Resistant
Unit Heaters
all types of commercial and industrial applications. The heavy-gauge
Washdown and corrosion-resistant unit heaters feature rugged, corrosion-
steel blowers, trimmed in a polyester powder coat, come in horizontal
resistant construction for use in dirty, corrosive environments. Models
or vertical configurations that can be ceiling- and wall-mounted.
are available with NEMA 4X control enclosures and stainless steel
Adjustable louvers direct airflow. Chromalox® industrial unit heaters
construction to resist dirt contamination and chemical attack,
are UL and CSA listed, and meet
and can be washed down. These heaters are UL and CSA
NEC and OSHA requirements. Various
listed and meet NEC and OSHA requirements.
built-in control options are available.
•2 to 39 kW
•2.6 to 50 kW
•120 to 600 V
•208 to 600 V, single- and 3-phase
•6,820 to 133,000 Btu/hr
•8,900 to 153,000 Btu/hr
Industrial Convection Air Heaters
Hazardous-Location Unit and
Convection Heaters
Industrial convection air heaters are designed to be wall-mounted in
isolated areas, crane cabs, shop offices, and plants. These heavy-
Hazardous-location unit and convection heaters are designed for
gauge steel units are coated with corrosion-resistant powder coat
rugged industrial use in the presence of potentially flammable
paint. Various models are available with
or explosive gases, vapors, powdered metals, or dusts in locations
thermostats and other control options.
such as sewage treatment plants, petroleum refineries, and chemical
HCH-series heaters are UL lsted.
processing plants. Numerous control options are available. Units
are UL and CSA listed for wall or ceiling mounting. Most models are
available with ATEX certification. Consult the National Electric Code for
classification of your hazardous area before selecting your heater.
•1.6 to 35 kW
•120 to 600 V, single- or three-phase
•5,459 to 119.420 Btu/hr
•250 W to 5 kW
•120 to 600 V, single- and 3-phase
•1,706 to 17,060 Btu/hr
Industrial Duct Heaters
Chromalox UL- and CSA-listed model DH duct heaters feature a rugged,
galvanized steel frame and are available with either open coil or finned
tubular heating elements. Models include integral or optional remote
mount control panels. Configurations can be engineered for insert or
flange mounting for new or
retrofit applications.
•500 W to 400 kW
•120 to 600 V, single- and 3-phase
•1,706 to 1,365,500 Btu/hr
Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable
Self-regulating cable for ordinary and hazardous locations prevents
Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable
for Hazardous Locations
pipe freezing and maintains process temperatures. Constructed of a
Chromalox offers self-regulating heat trace cable that is Factory Mutual
semi-conductive heater matrix extruded between parallel buss wires,
(FM) approved for Class I, Division I, Group B, C, and D locations
the self-regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond
(hazardous gases and vapors) as well as Class II, Division I, Group E, F,
to temperatures along its length. This heat trace cable can be single-
and G (combustible dusts) and Class Ill, Division I locations. It can be
layer overlapped. It is flexible and can be cut to length in the field.
cut to length and spliced in the field, and single-overlapped without
Cable can be used in Division 2 hazardous areas.
burnout. Higher current capacity means longer circuit lengths—up to
•3, 5, 8, 10, 15, and 20 W/ft
(10, 16, 26, 32, 48, and 65 W/m)
•120 and 208 to 277 V
•Circuit lengths to 750 ft (228 m)
•Process maintenance temperature up to 302°F (150°C)
•Exposure temperature up to 420°F (215°C)
•8,900 to 153,000 Btu/hr
Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable
for Freeze Protection and Roof &
Gutter De-Icing
Chromalox SRF cable is ideal for keeping metal and plastic pipes
warm in commercial construction, institutional buildings, and some
industrial freeze protection applications, while Chromalox SRF-RG
cable provides reliable freeze protection of roofs and gutters. The
cable automatically adjusts to the appropriate heat output, eliminating
hot spots and making it both energy efficient and cost effective.
Parallel construction makes it easier to install than zone or series types
of cable since it can be cut to length. It can be single overlapped
without overheating the cable.
•3, 5, and 8 W/ft (10, 16, and 26 W/m)
•120 and 208 to 277 V from stock
•Self-regulating, energy efficient
•Circuit lengths up to 660 ft (200 m)
•Approximate size: 3/8 in.W x 1/8 in. H (9.5 mm W x 3.2 mm H)
•Minimum bend radius 11/8 in. (28.6 mm)
•UL listed, CSA certified
750 feet (228 meters). Chromalox hazardous location
heat trace cable is fully compatible with Chromalox®
intelliTrace™ modular process controls.
•3, 5, 8, 10, 15, and 20 W/ft (10, 16, 26, 32, 48, and 65 W/m)
•120 and 208-277 V
•Self-regulating, energy efficient
•Freeze protection of fire protection system piping
•16 AWG buss wire
•Circuit lengths to 750 ft (228 m)
•Process temperature maintenance to 302°F (150°C)
•Maximum continuous exposure temperature, power off, to 420°F (215°C)
Constant-Wattage Heat Trace Cable
Heat Trace Controls
Constant-wattage heat trace cable provides uniform thermal output
The Chromalox ® IntelliTrace™ and WeatherTrace™ control systems
for process temperature maintenance and freeze protection. Rugged
are complete control solutions for heat trace applications, providing
construction can withstand steam cleaning to 190 PSIG (13 bar) while
temperature control, monitoring, and power management in one
de-energized. Optional tinned-copper braid permits use in some
package. The modular design of the control panel and components
hazardous areas. Fluoropolymer jackets are available for corrosive
allows selection of only those features needed for a specific heat trace
applications. The cable is flexible for easy wrapping around piping
installation, minimizing cost and simplifying system configuration. The
and complex fittings and can be cut to length in
systems employ microprocessor-based controls and come pre-wired
the field. To ensure compatibility, consult the
and assembled. Options include a choice of AC line voltages (120, 208,
National Electrical Code for classification of your
240, 277, and 480), RS-485 communications interface, and Ground
hazardous area before selecting heat trace cable.
Fault Indicator alarms. Single-loop and multi-loop units are available.
•4, 8, and 12 W/ft (13, 26, and 39 W/m)
•120, 208 to 277, and 480 V
•Circuit lengths to 780 ft (238 m)
Mineral-Insulated Cable
Multi-loop IntelliTrace panels feature a simple
color touchscreen operator panel. Both retrofit
easily into existing systems. Complete circuit
parameter value monitoring and management
of multiple IntelliTrace systems is facilitated by
Mineral-insulated heating cable is ideal for the most rugged pipe
our ISC Supervisory Controller.
tracing applications requiring process temperature maintenance
The Chromalox DTS-HAZ is a programmable 30 A digital thermostat
to 1,100°F (593°C). Its high-nickel-content Alloy 825 metal sheath
with soft start control and alarms. It facilitates all wiring,
material resists damage, is fire resistant, and provides for a good
is designed for either pipe or vertical surface mounting, and, along
electrical ground. Select from custom configurations with a single- or
with the IntelliTrace panels, is UL/cUL listed for both ordinary and
dual-conductor cable.
hazardous locations.
•5 to 50 W/ft (16 to 162 W/m)
Installation Kits and Accessories
•120 to 600 V
•Circuit lengths up to 1,000 ft (305 m)
•Process maintenance temperature up
to 1,100°F (593°C)
•Maximum exposure temperature, power off, to 1,200ºF (648ºC)
Chromalox offers installation kits and accessories for all of the
necessary components to perform straight or tee splices, power
connections and water-resistant end seal
terminations for final installation. Installation
tape, pipe straps, and caution labels are
also available from Chromalox.
The HL (hazardous location) series
connection system for Chromalox heating cable is specifically
designed to comply with the requirements of Division 1 hazardous
areas and is Factory Mutual and CSA approved. The HL connection
system includes power connection kits, end seal kits, splice
kits, and tee kits as well as fiberglass tape cable attachments,
aluminum tape cable attachments, metal pipe strap
kit attachments, and caution labels.
Silicone Laminate Enclosure Heaters
Industrial-Duty Thermostats
Used for freeze protection and condensate protection in electrical
These thermostats are designed for harsh environments where a
enclosures. They are also installed in equipment to keep mechanical
rugged design or special environment rating may be required. They
components functioning in applications such as ATM machines and
are designed to directly control individual heaters or, by using an
automatic doors.
external contactor, can control several heaters. General-purpose,
•25, 50, 100, and 200 W
•120 V
•Vulcanized to mounting plate for easy installation
•Custom design and thermostats available
•Air temperature sensing thermostats
(40°F / 4°C close, 55°F / 13°C open) available
Ambient-Sensing Thermostats
Ambient-sensing thermostats are designed to provide heaters with
simple on/off control and will accommodate heating and ventilating
equipment within the voltage and current capability of the contacts.
They can also be used to control valves, relays, auxiliary electric
heaters, and fans associated with fan coil units. In most applications,
they can switch loads directly without the use of external relays,
explosion-proof, and corrosion-resistant models are available, each
providing a high level of accuracy and long, reliable service.
•Heavy duty: 25 A at 120 Vac, 22 A at 240 Vac,
18 A at 277 Vac
•Positive snap-action switch
•Temperature range: 40° to 100°F (4° to 38°C),
depending on the model
•UL listed, CSA certified
Drum Heaters
Silicone Laminate drum heaters are constructed of silicone-rubberreinforced fiberglass cloth, laminated around resistance wire to
provide flexible moisture- and chemical-resistant heat. Drum heaters
can withstand flexing without fear of premature failure.
but an external relay can be used for larger loads. The “dead front”
•In stock, ready to install
construction means that all electrically live parts and wiring connections
•Fit 5, 15, 30, and 55 gallon (19, 57, 114, and 208 liter) metal
and non-metal drums
are contained behind the insulated thermostat base. Even with the
cover removed, the user is protected.
•Adjustable thermostats
•Chemical and moisture resistant
•10 A at 120 Vac, 5 A at 240 Vac, 4.2 A at 277 Vac
•Rugged and flexible
•Positive snap-action switch
•Easy to store
•Positive OFF switch position
•Internally grounded, standard
•Single phase, SPST
•Temperature range: 50° to 90°F (10° to 32°C)
•Mounts in standard 4 in. x 4 in. (100 mm x 100 mm)
vertical duplex box
Chromalox offers a variety of resources that are available for selecting
This wall-mountable poster is a heat trace quick install guide with
and installing the right heat and control product for your cold
easy viewing of illustrations and calculation tables for specifying
weather application.
heat trace systems.
This CD contains complete product information for the full line of
Log on and take advantage of a variety of features that are as close and
Chromalox comfort heaters, controls, and heat trace systems.
convenient as your internet connection:
•Design wizards
software helps you to design a complete heat trace system
and automatically generates a bill of materials. Available on a CD or
•Design software
download at:
•Application solutions
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