DS360-A Manual

DS360-A Manual
Micro Desoldering Iron
Ref. DS360-A
Packing List
The following items should be included:
Micro Desoldering Iron ............................................................ 1 unit
Ref. DS360-A
Cleaning Rods .............. 1 unit
Ref. 0008466
C360004 already inserted
Tips .............................. 10 units
Ref. C360002 (x5)
C360004 (x5)
Union Flanges ............. 2 units
Ref. 0011356
Filter ............................... 2 units
Ref. 0008473
Cleaning brush ............. 1 unit
Ref. 0008297
Solder Collector ......... 2 units
Ref. 0008467
Manual ............................ 1 unit
Ref. 0008864
Micro Desoldering Iron
Ref. DS360-A
w w w.jbctools.com
Ref. C360002
Micro Desoldering Iron
Ref. DS360-A
to stand
to desoldering module
Suction Filter
Ref. 0821830
Supplied with
desoldering module
Desoldering process
When desoldering, use a tip with a diameter larger than the pad being desoldered. This will achieve
maximum suction and thermal efficiency.
1. Apply the tip so that it fits
over the component terminal.
2. When the solder liquefies,
gently rotate the tip so that the
terminal can be lifted off.
3. Then press the vacuum
pump button long enough to
suck up the solder.
The vacuum pump will continue to run for a few seconds. This makes sure that the vacuum
circuit is completely empty. If there are any solder remains left on a terminal, just resolder it
with fresh solder and repeat the desoldering operation.
Changing the heating element (Ref. DSV-DS)
For this operation, turn off the station or disconnect the tool and wait until the tool temperature
drops to room temperature.
1. Remove the filter before changing the
heating element.
2. Remove the fixing screw and take out the
heating element.
3. Insert the new heating element.
4. Tighten the fixing screw and insert the filter
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Compatible Tips
The DS360 uses C360 tips.
Find the model that best suits your needs in www.jbctools.com
Ømax. pin=0,4 mm
Ømax. pin=0,6 mm
Ømax. pin=0,8 mm
Ømax. pin=0,8 mm
Ømax. pin=1,2 mm
Ømax. pin=1,3 mm
Changing the Tips
Tip’s fasten area.
Do not hold it on the spring clamp.
To remove the tip, use a pair of flat-nosed
pliers, twist the tip and pull.
Important: This operation should be done while the tip is hot and at a minimum temperature of
250°C, so that any tin left inside is still molten.
Before carrying out maintenance or storage, always unplug the tool.
- Check periodically that the metal parts are clean to ensure it is detected when on the stand.
Always use a damp cloth or alcohol.
- Periodically check all cables and tubes connections.
- Replace any defective or damaged pieces. Use original JBC spare parts only.
- Repairs should only be performed by a JBC authorized technical service.
w w w.jbctools.com
It is imperative to follow safety guidelines to protect health and prevent electric
shock, injury, fire or explosions.
- Do not use the tool for any purpose other than soldering or rework. Incorrect use may cause fire.
- The temperature of accessible surfaces may remain high after the unit is turned off.
Handle with care.
- Do not leave the appliance unattended when it is on.
- It is necessary to turn the station off before changing tips.
- Heat can cause inflamable products to ignite even when out of sight.
- Be careful with the remains of liquid tin. In contact with skin, it can cause burns.
- Avoid flux coming into contact with skin or eyes to prevent irritation.
- Be careful with the fumes produced when soldering.
- Keep your workplace clean and tidy. Wear appropriate protection glasses and gloves when
working to avoid personal harm.
- This appliance can be used by children over the age of eight as well as persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lacking of experience provided that they have been given adequate supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance and understand the hazards involved. Children must not play with the appliance.
- Maintenance must not be carried out by children unless supervised.
- Weight: 176 gr (0.38 lb)
Complies with CE standards.
ESD protected housing.
JBC’s 2 year warranty covers this equipment
against all manufacturing defects, including the
replacement of defective parts and labour.
Warranty does not cover product wear or misuse.
In order for the warranty to be valid, equipment
must be returned, postage paid, to the dealer
where it was purchased. Please register your
product warranty within 30 days of purchase in
Manual in other languages available on our website
This product should not be thrown in the garbage.
In accordance with the European directive 2002/96/EC, electronic equipment at the end of their life
must be collected and returned to an authorized recycling facility.
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