Adult supervision is recommended To use WARNING

Adult supervision is recommended To use WARNING
To use
1. Grip the handle bars with your hands, place one foot on the board and the other
foot on the ground.
2. Pay attention to your surroundings and make sure that your riding area is clear.
3. Kick backwards with your foot beside the scooter to give you motion.
4. Repeat this kicking action in order to stay in motion.
5. To stop or slow down , place your kicking foot on the brake pedal above the rear wheel or put
your kicking foot on the ground.
6. Do not over-steer as this could cause you to fall off from the scooter.
7. To dreate sound, turn power on using the switch under footplate.
8. Insert key into dashboard and turn clockwise 90degrees.
9. Use the throttle lever next to the handlebar to dreate other sound
Important Safety Notice
Do not place the battery near fire or heat. This may cause the battery to explode.
To avoid the risk of a short circuit in the electrical parts, do not use your scooter in the rain.
The product is recommended for user of 5-9 years and up.
After checking that all parts are in good condition, remember to check that all the screws and
wheels are tightly in place before using the the scooter. (hex keys are supplied to tigten these if necessary)
5. Remember to wear a helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, elbow pads, protective clothing and proper shoes.
6. The maximum weight that this product can hold is 50kgs.
7. The scooter must only be used by one rider at a time.
8. Do not use this product for jumping stunts or tricks. The scooter is not designed for such use.
9. This product is not a road vehicle and should be used for leisure purposes only.
10. Do not use this product at night, poor weather (rain, snow or poor visibility) or around heavily
populated areas (pavements, streets, muddy areas, rocky surfaces and slippery surfaces). We
recommend that you use this product in a park or other open space.
11. Do not take this product apart.
12. The brake will get hot from continuous use. Do not touch after braking.
13. Do not bend or force the key more than the necessary 90 degrees. This may cause the product non functioning
in sound producing parts.
The hand grips contain a metal tube, a foam grip and a plastic end piece and are attached by
an elasticated string.
The scooter is not designed to be dropped when not in use. If the scooter is dropped after use, over
a period of time you will damage the plastic end piece, the foam and the tube. If you
damage this part of the scooter, it is strongly advised that you replace the damaged parts as soon as
possible to avoid any accident caused by making contact with the these parts.
The scooter should not be used on any other surface other than on flat even ground. It is not designed for
graveled roads, on grass surfaces or any other uneven surfaces as this could cause not only damage
to scooter but also the rider.
Warning: Protective equipment should be worn. Not to be used in traffic. 50 kg max.
The scooter shall be used with caution, since it requires great skill, so as to avoid falls or collisions
causing injury to the user and the third parties.
Do not take this scooter on the road or public highway.
1. After use, please wipe the product with mild detergent.
2. Do not leave this product in high temperature, intense sunlight or dusty areas.
3. Store in a dry place.
4. No modification other than to the manufacturer’s instructions shall be made.
5. Always make sure all screws and nuts are securely tightened before every use. The self-lock fixtures may have lost
their effectiveness.
Made in China
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Adult supervision is recommended
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