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MediClean forte

The All-Rounder for the Reprocessing of

Thermostable and Thermolabile Instruments.



MediClean forte – the Number One in Reprocessing Medical Devices.

neodisher ® MediClean forte

First-class alkaline enzymatic cleaner with excellent material compatibility for optimised instrument reprocessing

• For manual and automated cleaning of

da Vinci EndoWrist instruments

• For automated and manual cleaning of

thermostable and thermolabile instruments

Multifunctional Performance:

neodisher ® MediClean forte combines the advantages of alkaline and enzymatic cleaners. Suitable and recommended for practically all cleaning processes:

• Automated and manual cleaning of thermostable and thermo-

labile instruments including MIS instruments and micro-instru-

ments, flexible endoscopes, anaesthesia equipment,

containers and other medical utensils

• Manual and automated cleaning of da Vinci EndoWrist


Application recommendations:

Automated cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments

2-10 ml/l**, e.g. 40 - 60 °C,

10 min

Automated cleaning of da Vinci EndoWrist instruments

8 ml/l,

40 - 55 °C, 10 - 30 min***

Manual cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments in immersion and ultrasonic baths

5-20 ml/l**, max. 40 °C,

10 - 30 min

10 L 5 L 5 L 6x

2 L

220 kg drum

4050 13

20 L canister

4050 26

10 L canister

4050 30

5 L canister

4050 35*

5 L canister

4050 33*

6x 2 L bottle

4050 42

* article 405033 is designed for all automated processes; article 405035 is designed to fit the canister console of the dosing units for disinfectants

** the dosing amount depends on the degree of soiling

*** depending on the respective recommendation of the washer-disinfector manufacturer

Our Competence – Your Benefit:

1 L

500 100

Manual cleaning of

500 ml

1 L

100 ml

100 ml da Vinci EndoWrist instruments in immersion and ultrasonic baths

20 ml/l, max. 40 °C neodisher

® of pathogenic prion proteins in different and in-vivo tests with contaminated stainless steel surfaces (1 % , 55 °C, 10 min)


• first-class cleaning performance based

on unique formulation of alkalis,

surfactants and enzymes

• excellent material compatibility

• first alkaline enzymatic cleaner,

market-leading for over 10 years

• low-foam formulation, optimal use in

washer disinfectors and ultrasonic baths

• reliably removes dried and denatured blood residues, prevents the

re-deposition of protein residues

• suitable for instruments and utensils made of stainless steel, instrument steel,

optics, conventional plastics and the materials used in anaesthesia equipment

• only one product for practically all cleaning processes in the CSSD, long-term

approved, recommended for reprocessing da Vinci EndoWrist instruments

• when used for manual pre-cleaning the cleaner solution does not have to

be rinsed off prior to automated reprocessing

1 Evaluation of the ability of neodisher MediClean forte to inactivate and/or remove transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE, Prions) agents from surfaces of medical and surgical devices, after direct

inoculation of experimentally contaminated surfaces - Service d’Etude des Prions et des Infections Atypiques

Your expert for queries concerning application: Dr. Matthias Tschoerner · [email protected]

Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert GmbH & Co. KG • Mühlenhagen 85 • D-20539 Hamburg • Tel.: +49-40-7 89 60-0 • Fax: +49-40-7 89 60-120 • [email protected] •


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