Cotton Candy Machine Instructions Please follow

Cotton Candy Machine Instructions Please follow
Cotton Candy Machine Instructions
Please follow the directions below to make popcorn for your event. If
you have any questions or problems, please contact us at (818) 3969694. We hope you enjoy the Popcorn Machine!
Please keep the popcorn machine upright at all times.
Machine needs to be plugged into a 120 Volt, 15 Amp circuit to
operate properly.
Always have the kettle motor OFF when not popping corn.
USE SAFETY AND CAUTION – the kettle will get very HOT and can
cause serious burns!
Water must NEVER be put on the popping kettle!
Operating Machine:
1. Plug machine in appropriate circuit.
2. Push kettle lid up to the top of cabinet where magnet will hold it in place
3. Turn HEAT and LIGHT and switch to ON (wait 7-10 minutes for kettle to heat up).
• Light and Warmer Switch: turns on heat to bottom corn pan and light.
• Kettle Motor Switch: Turns on motor, which drives kettle agitator shaft.
• Kettle Heat Switch: Turns on heat element.
4. When ready to add popcorn, turn KETTLE MOTOR switch ON to start the motor.
5. Add the popcorn. (DO NOT OVERFILL: only pop one 6-8 oz. prepared kernel pack at a
6. When corn has finished popping, dump kettle.
7. Repeat steps 5—6. (No need to wait for motor to heat again)
8. Once you have made enough popcorn to fill bottom compartment, turn Motor Switch
and Heat Switch OFF. Turn on Light and Warmer Switch to keep popcorn warm.
9. Empty bottom corn pan after you have finished making your popcorn.
*Leaving popcorn in kettle for too long can cause popcorn to burn. If a batch of popcorn has
burned, you must first clean the inside of the kettle before preparing another batch.
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