For every 100 points earned from eligible gas furnace models purchased
during the promotional period, dealers will receive $100 in rewards. Between
October 15, 2014 and January 30, 2015, enrolled dealers can earn points
toward cash rewards for qualifying furnace models purchased* from their
eligible Rheem distributor. Enroll in our Let’s Crank Up the Heat Furnace
Promotion and earn on 20+ worry-free, feature-packed Rheem gas furnaces
this season.
Dealer Reward Points
Dealers must reach 100 point increments before the earned reward can be
redeemed. All points will accumulate throughout the promotion and one
reward gift card will be issued in February 2015. The point levels by eligible
model are listed below.
50 points
25 points
• R95T, R96P, RGPQ, RGLQ, RGPT, RGLT, R802P, R801T
15 points
• R95P, R92P, R801S, R801P, RGPN, RGLN, RGPS, RGLS
10 points
Enrollment Claim Entry Details
Dealer enrollment begins October 15, 2014 and dealers must enroll online by
November 14, 2014, via MyRheem.com > Links > CrankUpTheHeatFurnace
Promo–Dealer. All dealers must have an active MyRheem.com account in
order to participate in this promotion.
•Dealers must submit each reward claim online at MyRheem.com > Links >
CrankUpTheHeatFurnacePromo–Dealer within 10 business days of purchase
from the distributor. Reward claims must indicate the furnace model(s)
purchased, date purchased, distributor invoice number, and include a copy
of the invoice before the claim can be approved and rewarded.
•Dealer rewards will be issued via reloadable cards which will be mailed no
later than February 2015. Due to 1099 tax requirements, you may be asked
to provide personal and business information, as this is required for any
person receiving more than $500 in rewards.
Rheem reserves the right to alter or end the program at any time.
Questions regarding this promotion should be directed to your Rheem Distributor.
*Sale of equipment, based on a job specific SPR, is not eligible for the points program.
Equipment sales through The Home Depot are also not eligible for this promotion.
100 POINTS =
For more information and full promotion details visit
MyRheem.com > Links > CrankUpTheHeatFurnacePromo–Dealer
Form No. M11-1892
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