Beginners - Brownsville Aquatic Center
1. Breath-holding: face submerged; breath is held 10 seconds.
2. Rhythmic breathing: inhale with head above water and exhale
through mouth and nose with head submerged – 10 times
3. Prone float: in waist deep water, student must take a prone position
on the water and recover to standing position without assistance of support.
1. Prone glide: takes prone position and glides a distance
of at least 10 feet.
2. Prone glide with kick: back wall to rope – 20 feet
3. Prone glide with arms: back wall to rope - -20 feet
4. Beginner’s stroke: (human stroke – with underwater arm
recovery) or front from back wall to rope – 20 feet.
5. Back float: hold position for 10 seconds and recover to stand position.
Back glide with kick: across width of pool or 20 feet minimum
Beginner’s arm stroke on back – 20 feet
Beginner’s back stroke across pool in shallow water.
Beginner’s stroke on front across pool in shallow water.
1. Change of direction: making turns both right and left to return
to side of pool or shallow water.
2. Turning over: from front to back and back to front.
3. Jump into deep water: starting at rope and moving gradually
to deeper water.
4. Beginner’s back stroke across pool in deep water.
5. Jump in and swim across pool in deep water on front.
Electric Eel:
1. Dive into water from side of pool.
2. Jump into deep water, turn without standing and swim back
to the end of pool.
3. Dive into deep water, swim to rope, turn, swim halfway back,
turn on back and float motionless or with gentle padding motions
for count of 15, turn back to front and swim to starting point.
4. Rescue skills
Manta Ray:
1. Rhythmic breathing.
2. Flutter and scissor kick – 20 yards
3. Crawl and side stroke arms – 10 yards
1. Review flutter and scissor kicks – 20 yards in good form
2. Review crawl and sidestroke arm strokes – 10 yards each
in correct form, legs tailing.
3. Breast stroke kick, front and back – 20 yards
4. Breast stroke arms with breathing – 10 yards
5. 50 yards with elementary back stroke.
Sea Lion:
1. Selected stroke for 100 yards; side, crawl, or breast
2. Demonstrate simple turn on front and back.
3. Scull on back with hands for 10 yards
4. Tread water using arms for 1 minute.
5. Float motionless or rest in floating position for 1 minute.
6. Survival floating for 5 minutes.
7. Submerged feet first and swim underwater for a minimum of 15 feet.
8. Coordinate standing front dive into deep water in reasonably good form.
9. Rescue skills
10.Swim continuously for 5 minutes using any or all of the strokes learned
on front, side, or back.
Swimmer Level
Blue Whale:
1. Breast stroke for 100 yards.
2. Side stroke for 100 yards.
3. Crawl stroke for 100 yards.
4. Back crawl for 100 yards.
5. Simple turns on front, back, and side.
6. Swim on back 50 yards using legs alone.
7. Surface dive and swim 20 feet underwater.
8. Disrobe and float with clothes for 9 minutes.
9. Racing dive from side of pool and running front dive from springboard.
10.Swim continuously for 10 minutes using any of the strokes learned on front, back, or side.
Advanced Level
Blue Marlin:
1. Elementary back stroke 100 yards.
2. Breast stroke 100 yards
3. Inverted breast stroke 50 yards.
4. Side stroke 100 yards.
5. Over arm side stroke 100 yards.
6. Back crawl 100 yards.
7. Crawl stroke 100 yards.
8. 5 minute back float
9. Survival float clothed for 10 minutes.
10.Surface dive feet first, underwater swimming 10 yards.
11.Running front dive.
12.30 minute swim.
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