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Transform your power infrastructure
with lithium-ion batteries
While valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries have long been the industry choice for uninterruptible
power systems (UPS), new lithium-ion batteries offer additional benefits while still meeting required
backup runtime.
Lithium-ion batteries are poised to become the preferred choice for UPSs in IT applications. The
batteries last longer and recharge faster, saving time, saving money and reducing risk throughout the
lifecycle of the UPS. The benefits of this lightweight solution well justify the upfront investment.
Not all batteries are created equal
There are many different types of lithium-ion battery chemistries available in the market. Eaton utilizes a
combination of lithium phosphate that creates a stable and safe battery for UPS applications. This type
of chemistry does not create oxygen as an off-put should there be a thermal event, eliminating the harsh
igniting potential of some lithium-ion battery chemistries.
Safety benefits
Installation benefits
Performance benefits
Lithium phosphate battery
chemistry is stable and safe
Save money on battery
replacement costs
2-3X longer life allows you
to set it and forget it
Battery management system
(BMS) actively monitors
temperature and charge
40% weight reduction eases
6X faster charge improves
Shift your refresh cycle
to be in line with your IT
BMS provides up-todate insight into battery
Common vendor for
battery and BMS improves
integration and safety
By the numbers: 5P 1U 1500 VA UPS
VRLA battery
Lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion benefit
Average battery lifespan
3-4 years
8 years
2-3X longer life
Recharge time to
full capacity
24 hours
4 hours
6X faster recovery
Battery weight
19 lb.
11 lb.
40% lighter weight
Battery replacement cost
$0 OpEx expenditure
3 years
5 years
2X warranty coverage
*One replacement
The future is bright
Beyond the initial positive impact of adding lithium-ion batteries to your power infrastructure, Eaton
is reshaping the way we utilize batteries in power management by thinking outside of general UPS
applications. Eaton’s next step with lithium-ion batteries will be to conquer energy storage applications
and implement predictive analytics.
Energy storage
Identify and monitor peak energy rates and initiate charging
cycles based on non-peak hour pricing
Provide extended backup time during a power event
Reduce annual energy consumption costs and strain on
electrical grid
Eaton’s xStorage
offers a range of
affordable, ready
to use home
energy storage
Predictive analytics
Through advanced charging techniques integrated into
the BMS, Eaton will provide more accurate replacement
Localized temperature monitoring will identify the need for
more cooling to offset environmental fluctuations
Load shed equipment and migrate virtual machines based on
battery-specific events to regulate temperature
adds predictive
analytics, shifting
power monitoring
from a reactive to
a proactive model
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