Philips SE6554B Cordless Telephone User manual

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Philips SE6554B Cordless Telephone User manual | Manualzz

Enhanced High Def Voice

For ultimate call clarity

With voice purity as clear as the bright colour screen, the SE6 series combines outstanding sound and perfect colour. You will be delighted with the new communication experience brought by this blend of colour and sound.

Never miss a call

• Digital answering machine

• 30-minute recording time

• Message counter on Base

Outstanding sound quality

• Enhanced speakerphone for real-life hands-free conversations

• Enhanced High Def Voice

Pure convenience

• Bright colour display

• Icon-driven colour menu

• 200-name phonebook


Cordless phone answer machine


Cordless phone answer machine



• Backlight

• Backlight colour: White

• Main Display Resolution: 98x67 pixel

• Main Display Technology: CSTN

• Main Display Type: Full Graphic


• Handset ringers: Polyphonic

• Volume Control: Volume Control up/down


• Alarms: Alarm Clock

• Base Station keys: Answering machine keys, Paging key

• Battery charging indication

• Call Management: Call Waiting, Caller ID,

Conference Call, Explicit Call Transfer,

Microphone mute

• Ease of Use: Full Duplex Hands-free, Graphical

User Interface, Keypad Lock, Menu Control

• Function: Easy Call

• Multi-base capability: 1

• Multi-handset capability: Up to 5 handsets

• Personalisation/Customisation: Wallpaper

• Signal strength indication

• VIP group with own melody: Yes for each phonebook entry

• Backlit keypad: Yes (Amber on handset)

• Speakerphone-Talk hands-free

Network Features

• Antenna: Integrated on base, Integrated on handset

• Dialling: Tone, Pulse

Operator Requirements

• Name and Caller ID

• Caller ID on call waiting

Answering Machine

• Plug & Play Answering machine

• Recording time capacity: Up to 30 min.

• Message counter on base

Memory Capacity

• Call log entries: 50

• Phonebook: 200 names and numbers

• Redial List Capacity: 10


• Headset: Via Jack Connector (Handset)


• Base dimensions: 131 x 116 x 76 mm

• Handset dimensions: 161 x 46 x 27.6 mm


• Battery capacity: 750 mAh

• Battery type: AAA NiMH

• Kind of Battery: Rechargeable

• Mains power: AC 120V - 60Hz

• Number of batteries: 2 per handset

• Standby time: Up to 150 hours

• Talk time: Up to 12 hours


• Detachable belt clip


Product highlights

Enhanced speakerphone

Combine a high-quality speaker, sophisticated signal processing, a real acoustic chamber and full duplex hands-free and you'll get the most natural reproduction of a conversation. Both sides can speak and be heard at the same time, as in a face-to-face conversation.

Enhanced High Def Voice

Enjoy high-quality conversation, with a level of clarity rarely heard before. Thanks to a high-quality speaker, sophisticated technology and a real acoustic chamber, the audio spectrum reaches far beyond what's normally heard on a telephone.

Issue date 2008-07-24

Version: 1.1.5

12 NC: 8670 000 34993

UPC: 6 09585 14514 6

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All Rights reserved.

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