SCF632/42 Philips Teat
Philips AVENT
2 hole
Slow Flow 1m+
Built-in Airflex Valve
Reduces colic
Healthy, active feeding
Built-in Airflex valve proven to reduce colic
With the AVENT Airflex Teat your baby controls milk flow more like breastfeeding,
which can help reduce overeating and spit-up. A unique skirt system flexes to allow air
into the bottle and promotes healthy, active feeding and reduces colic
Benefits and features:
• Built-in Airflex Valve
• Extra soft
• Silicone
• Reduces colic
2 hole Slow Flow 1m+
Product highlights
Country of origin
What is included
• England
• Extra soft, Slow Flow Teat: 2 pcs
Built-in Airflex Valve
The AVENT Airflex Feeding Bottle uses an Airflex Valve
which works with baby’s natural feeding action.
Reduces colic
A clinical trial demonstrated that at 2 weeks of age,
babies fed with the AVENT Bottle experienced less colic
than babies fed with a conventional bottle.
Issue date 2008-12-19
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