Introducing the New Energy Efficient Decibel

Introducing the New Energy Efficient Decibel
Introducing the New Energy Efficient
Decibel Suppression
D C B L S U P P R E S S I O N S Y S T E M® T E C H N O L O G Y
Industry first BLDC motor
Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs
77% Less Noise
77% Less Energy Consumed
How do you improve on the classics?
When Zephyr introduced Europa to the US
market in 2001, it proved to be the first of
its kind in terms of design and value.
Through the years this has remained our
core strength but the time has come to
evolve the designs that Zephyr has made
iconic. And offer a new paradigm in range
hood performance.
dcbl suppression system®
DCBL Suppression System® is the industry’s first range hood
motor powered by direct current (DC) energy. An evolutionary step
from the traditional AC powered range hood, all Next Generation
Europa range hoods with DCBL Suppression System® technology
provide unparalleled performance and features.
Features like, Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs, the industry’s first
dimmable LED bulbs and an on-board computer that actively
optimizes your range hood’s performance.
This technology package has been pioneered by Zephyr engineers,
certified by UL testing authorities and reinforces Zephyr’s
leadership in the range hood market. This powerful combination
of technology delivers the MOST forcefully silent range hoods that
are also the most energy efficient.
COVER: Verona Island, ABOVE: Modena Island
For the first time ever a range
hood combines:
• Direct Current energy technology
• H D LED light bulbs with warm light
emission and 25,000 hour life
• I ntegrated PC board that
AC to DC energy conversion
Range hood operation
• DC motor optimization
• LED light source integration
• Range hood diagnostics
more power.
more efficient.
less noise.
With DCBL Suppression System® we remove unwanted decibels from
your kitchen environment, increase your range hood’s performance with
true working speed benefits and help you do your part for the environment
by reducing your range hood’s energy consumption by up to 77%. DCBL™
uses a permanent magnet that allows electricity to be conducted without
the use of brushes or metal
contacts that cause heat and
friction – the main perpetrators
of parts failure, noise and
wasted energy.
dcbl exceeds
energy star
by 14 cfm/watt
This permanent magnet design
also allows us to increase the
motor’s torque at lower RPMs
so that your range hood can move up to 250 CFM on speed level one and
operate at 0.8 sones (working speed) to meet your everyday cooking needs.
Should you need more power, all range hood’s with DCBL Suppression
System® technology are capable of moving 715 CFM on maximum speed.
Your range hood’s CFM levels are determined by the wattage applied to
the motor. All Next Generation Europa hoods with DCBL Suppression
System® use a closed loop circuit in the on-board computer that allows us
to precisely control the wattage applied at each speed level. This allows
us to keep the range hood performance fully optimized and helps limit
the effect of increased static pressure resulting from out-of-scope duct
bloom™ hd led
light bulbs
With a 68-year lifetime, Bloom™ HD LED are an industry breakthrough.
Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs are untouchable in performance, light
emission and value.
Designed in partnership with commercial
camera lens designers, Bloom™ HD LED bulbs
amplify a 3-watt diode into 20 watt halogenlike cooking light that evenly distributes light
on the cooking surface below. Bloom™ HD LED
light bulbs are the only range hood LED light
bulbs with near-halogen light warmth.
Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs are integrated into the on-board computer
where AC energy is converted into the DC energy LED light bulbs
need to operate and are cool to the touch. Bloom’s one inch heat sink
dissipates heat away from the LED giving the diode higher fidelity
performance over-time and keeping heat away from chef’s space.
RIGHT: Milano Island
* Compared to a leading chimney range hood
working speed
DCBL Suppression System® increases your range hood’s torque
levels at speed one, or working speed, to match the most typical
everyday cooking styles. Focusing on working speed allows us
to deliver the needed ventilation for cooks that use only one or
two burners to prepare a meal. On
speed 1, DCBL Suppression System®
generates enough CFM to accommodate
one 10,000 and one 15,000 BTU burners
operating at maximum capacity. So you
get all the CFM you need but none of
the noise.
Maximum speed settings should only be used if
you cook with all your range’s burners turned on to
max BTU. Of course, should your cooking require
more power, DCBL Suppression System® range
hood’s have 6 speeds
with a maximum of
715 CFM still emitting
11% less noise.
dcbl suppression system®
bloom™ hd led
Exceeds Energy Star™ requirements:
• Energy Star™ - 2.8 CFM / watt
• Zephyr - 17 CFM / watt
3-watt LED uses 15% of the energy a 20 watt halogen uses
Up to 80% more energy efficient
Up to 77% less noise on working speeds
Higher torque to increase performance efficiency
Less wear-and-tear on motor
Longer warranty
3,200 degrees Kelvin = halogen-like warm light color
Cool to the touch. Never gets hot
Patented lens evenly distributes light
25,000-hour life expectancy
3-year warranty
Dimmable LED - a first in range hood industry
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napoli island
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monsoon dcbl opl
to learn more.
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Next Generation Europa with DCBL Suppression System® is part of the
Essentials Collection in the Zephyr portfolio. Look to Zephyr for the
most engineered design and quality throughout all kitchen ventilation
categories, including our Europa Classics. The Classics offer highdesign options at the most competitive prices to meet new kitchen
construction or remodel project budgets.
Whether your project is an “Aging-in-Place” kitchen or a short-term
solution, look to us for all your kitchen ventilation needs.
ABOVE: Verona Wall
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zephyr ventilation
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