TRIMS RELEASE 13.0 – NEW FEATURES TRIMS is COMPATIBLE with WINDOWS 8 If you are planning to buy a new computer, rest assured that TRIMS is Compatible with Windows 8. TRIMS Expert Programming and Technical Support Staff was hard at work in December ensuring TRIMS would work with any network / computer combination of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Backup to TRIMS FTP Server File size restriction has been eliminated as well as the need to locate the Zip Backup File. TRIMS MAIN MENU  When TRIMS is launched, a Daily Event Calendar automatically appears with the current date highlighted.  Employee Birthdays and Chemical Application Plans are automatically placed on the calendar for the user. When the Chemical Application has been completed, TRIMS will automatically remove the application from the Calendar.  Record miscellaneous happenings such as special events or recurring jobs to help plan your day, week, or month. Double‐click on any Event to see details or print the entire monthly Calendar.  Click on the Calendar Pull Down menu for personal customization features.  Instantly see Current Period Information and Date of Last Backup.  View Technical Support Options and Contact Information. Scroll down in window to see What’s New in TRIMS, access the TRIMS Cloud Documentation along with the Complete TRIMS Reference Manual.  Equipment Due for Service Window shows Equipment and/or Property Due or Scheduled for service. Print the Maintenance Scheduling Report directly from the TRIMS Main Menu. BUDGETS 
Transaction Register allows for reporting multiple Budget Accounts. Pie Charts can be displayed by Department. New Variance Report with Previous Year Comparisons. Delete Selected Account & Transactions INVENTORY 
Purchase Order Browse Table has new button to hide completed purchase orders. CHEMICALS 
Nutrient Application Summary Report has option to print monthly totals of N, P, and K. TRIMS CLOUD COMPUTING 
Daily Event Schedule ‐ Add or Edit items to the Calendar on the TRIMS Main Menu and see Chemical Application Plans, Employee Birthdays, along with other scheduled events. Workstation option added to automatically start TRIMS Cloud Server at Startup of TRIMS 
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