Dry vacuum cleaners Standard accessories

Dry vacuum cleaners Standard accessories

Dry vacuum cleaners

T 7/1

The T 7/1 is a supremely robust, functional and powerful dry vacuum cleaner for professional users with optimal ergonomic properties and a compact construction which is developed for the specific needs of hotels, gastronomy, contract cleaners and retail.

Standard accessories:

• Suction hose 2 m • Metal suction tube • 2 x 0.5 m • Filter bag Fleece • Container material Plastic • Floor nozzle • Clip system for extension hose • Protection class II

Order no.: 1.527-140.0

Technical data

Air flow rate (l/s) Vacuum (mbar/kPa) Container capacity (l) Max. power rating (W) Standard nominal width (mm) Cable length (m) Sound pressure level (dB(A)) Weight (kg) Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 55 245/24.5

7 max. 1200 32 7.5

65 5.3


Details Description

This compact unit has a 1,200 W rating and generates a high vacuum of 24.5 kPa (245 mbar). It is operated via foot switch without the need to stoop. The handily shaped, curved grip with infinitely adjustable suction power permits fatigue-free working. Suction hose length appr. 2.0 m. The vacuum cleaner owes its good rolling properties to a chassis fitted with two fixed casters and two steering castors.

An all-round bumper ensures that the impact-resistant, 7 l container does not damage furniture. The T 7/1 comes with a fleece filter bag as standard. This holds up to three times as much dust as conventional paper filters. A six-stage filter system ensures impeccable retention performance. In addition to the three ply fleece filter bag, a motor protection filter, exhaust filter and permanent main filter ensure that the exhaust air is clean. The main filter is made of washable nylon, so the machine can be operated without a dust bag.

Accessories Adapter (tube -> nozzle) Adapter

From DN 32 to DN 35: Plastic adapter (electrically non-conductive). Suitable for BV and T vacuum cleaners.

Order no. 6.902-083.0

All-purpose brushes All-purpose brush, DN 32

All-purpose plastic brush Bristles: 120 x 45 mm. For all T and BV types.

Order no. 6.906-122.0

Combi-nozzles (dry) Combination floor tool dry

Plastic combination floor tool with plastic base plate and two rollers.

Order no. 6.906-812.0

Combination floor tool for parquet

Plastic combination floor tool for parquet (DN 32) with brush strips and two rollers, suitable for all industrial T vacuum cleaners. Combination floor tool without changeover function. 360 mm

Order no. 6.906-107.0

Combination floor tool dry

Plastic combination floor tool (dry) with stainless steel base plate and rollers. With changeover function.

Order no. 6.906-696.0

Connecting sleeves Adapter, ID 32/35, with internal thread

Electrically non-conductive adapter with internal thread. For connecting two suction hoses without connectors. Suitable for DN 32 or DN 35.

Order no. 6.902-077.0

Crevice nozzles Crevice nozzle

Plastic crevice tool (DN 32) for industrial dry vacuum cleaners for vacuuming in crevices and corners.

Order no. 6.903-403.0

Exhaust air filter Motor protection filter felt

Order no. 6.414-611.0

Extension hoses (Clip-system) Extension hose, C 32, C 35 clip system

Electrically non-conductive standard extension hose for all C-32 and C-35 hoses with clip system.

Order no. 6.906-237.0

Extension hose C 32-, C 35-Clip-system, el.

for all C-32 and C-35 hoses, electrically conductive.

Order no. 6.906-277.0

Fabric filter bag Fabric filter bag

Cotton filter bags, washable up to 40°C, suitable for T7/1, T 10/1 and T 12/1 models.

Order no. 6.904-316.0

Fleece filter bags (3 ply) Fleece filter bags, T 7/1, x 10

3-ply, tear-resistant fleece filter bags, dust class M. Standard for T 7/1. Contents: x10.

Order no. 6.904-335.0

Fleece filter bags neutral T 7/1, 300 pcs

Fleece filter bag, 3-ply, tear-proof, dust class M / large-scale consumer pack

Order no. 6.904-336.0

Main filter baskets Permanent main filter basket

Filter basket for T 7/1 and T 10/1 can be used as a main filter with or without filter bag. Plastic frame with nylon fabric, washable up to 40°C.

Order no. 5.731-624.0

Nozzle sets Nozzle kit ID 32, for T vacuum cleaners with clip holder

Nozzle kit (DN 32) for all industrial dry vacuum cleaners, includes crevice tool, upholstery tool, round brush and clip holder.

Order no. 2.860-143.0

Paper filter (2 ply) Paper filter bags for T 7/1, T 10/1, x10

10 paper filter bags (BIA-C dust class M), suitable for all industrial dry vacuum cleaners (e.g. T 7/1 und T 10/1).

Order no. 6.904-333.0

Paper filter bags, bulk consumer pack

For bulk consumers: 300 paper filter bags (BIA-C dust class M) suitable for all T 7/1 and T 10/1 industrial dry vacuum cleaners.

Order no. 6.904-337.0

Plastic bend Plastic bend, C-ID 32

Plastic with C-32 clip system.

Order no. 4.408-051.0

Plastic bend

Electrically conductive plastic bend (DN 32) with C-32 clip system, reduces static buildup. Optional for BV 111, T 7/1, T 191, T 10/1, T 12/1, T 201/T201 + ESB 28.

Order no. 4.408-052.0

Radiator brushes Radiator brush

Radiator brush is suitable for crevice tool 6.903-403.0

Order no. 6.903-404.0

Repair kits Repair set, C 32

Repair set (C32) includes threaded hose adapters for industrial T vacuum cleaners with clip system.

Order no. 2.639-739.0

Suction brushes Suction brush

Rotatable suction brush (DN 32 plastic) with PA bristles, 70x45 mm. Only for BV and T vacuum cleaners.

Order no. 6.903-887.0

Suction hoses (Clip-system) Suction hose, (clip system), C 32

2.5 m suction hose with dry vacuum cleaner connection, clip connection (C 32).

Order no. 4.440-911.0

Suction hoses complete (Clip-system) Suction hose, complete (clip system), C-ID 32, 2.5 m

Improved quality: 2.5 m suction hose with dry vacuum cleaner connection, clip connection and bend (C-DN 32).

Order no. 4.440-907.0

Suction tubes metal Suction tube

Metal suction tube (DN 32, length 0.5 m) with black plastic coating, suitable as an extension, e.g. vacuuming ceilings.

Order no. 6.906-618.0

Suction tubes metal Telescopic suction tube

Chromium-plated metal telescopic tube (DN 32, length: 0.61-1 m), suitable as an extension, e.g. vacuuming ceilings.

Order no. 6.903-524.0

Suction tube


Order no. 6.903-850.0

Suction tubes stainless steel Suction tube, DN 32

Stainless steel

Order no. 6.902-050.0

Turbo nozzle Turbo nozzle

Plastic turbo upholstery nozzle (DN 35/32, 160 mm) with reduction sleeve.

Order no. 2.860-113.0

Turbo nozzle, DN 32

Plastic turbo floor nozzle (DN 35/32, 270 mm) with reduction sleeve.

Order no. 2.860-114.0

Upholstery nozzles Upholstery nozzle

Plastic upholstery tool (DN 32) with thread catcher, standard for T 201, T 201 + ESB 28. Optional for T 7/1, T 191, T 10/1.

Order no. 6.903-402.0

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