AD 3.200 - Megekko
Ash and dry vacuum cleaner
AD 3.200
The new ash and dry vacuum cleaner with 1,200 W power and a sturdy 17-litre metal container. The ideal
device for effective and safe ash cleanup. Includes suction tubes and floor nozzle for use as a fully-fledged
dry vacuum cleaner.
Standard accessories:
Suction hose 1.7 m 35 mm
Suction tubes 2 piece 0.5 m 35
Sturdy bumper
Accessory storage
Cord hook
Order no.: 1.629-660.0
Technical data
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
Cable length (m)
Power rating (W)
Air flow rate (l/s)
Vacuum (mbar/kPa)
Container l
Weight without accessories (kg)
Nominal accessory size (mm)
Type of current (V/Hz)
Compact, practical, versatile: The new AD 3.000 ash and dry vacuum cleaner with 1,200 W turbine
features high, long-lasting suction. The unique filter system, consisting of a flat pleated filter and a coarse
dirt filter, allows large amounts of ash to be vacuumed up. The metal container and metallic suction hose
provide maximum security for vacuuming up ash. The unit has been tested and certified by TÜV Süd
using a test procedure developed by Kärcher specifically for ash and dry vacuum cleaners. The bevelled
hand tube is easy to handle and is especially effective in corners and difficult-to-reach places in the
chimney. Complete removal of ash deposits has never been easier. All included accessories and the
power cable can be stowed quickly and compactly in the accessories holder. A floor nozzle suitable for
cleaning both hard surfaces and carpeting is included. Together with the high-quality chrome-plated
suction tubes, the AD 3.200 can be used anywhere as a fully-fledged dry vacuum cleaner.
Chimney cleaning
Grill cleaning
Ash removal
Removal of coarse dirt (e.g. in a workshop, garage or cellar)
Vacuuming up dry dirt
Features & Benefits
Angled hand tube
For thorough cleaning of all corners and constricted places in the chimney.
Floor nozzle and suction tubes
For use as a fully-fledged dry vacuum cleaner.
Filter system with sturdy flat pleated filter and metallic coarse dirt filter
For constant, long-lasting suction.
Large cord hook
For safe and convenient stowage of the connecting cable.
Compact design
Flexible and versatile in use.
Space-saving device storage.
Metal container and metal hose
TÜV tested and certified.
Optimal safety even with improper use.
Practical accessory holder on the machine
Space-saving, safe and practical storage of included accessories.
High freedom of movement.
Flexible operation.
Filter für Aschesauger
Suitable for all Kärcher ash and dry vacuum cleaners.
Robust, flat-fold filter specifically for ash and dry vacuum cleaners. For lasting
cleaning power.
Order no. 6.415-953.0
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