1. You will receive a parcel like the one in the pictures with the following
dimensions: 135cm large, 70cm high and 28cm wide.
The parcel is easily transportable in a middle size car with backdoor.
2. To assembly Uualk-Air you will require the following tools:
a. A cutting tool (scissors or cutter)
b. An allen key wrench number 5 and 6.
c. An adjustable wrench or wrench number 10 and
d. A flathead screwdriver.
3. Open the parcel. Inside you will find the following elements:
a. An e-bike with a battery (with 2 keys), the rear wheel
already mounted.
b. Two pedals.
c. Front mudguard.
d. Battery charger.
e. Front rear.
f. Handlebar.
g. Battery instructions.
4. Take off the plastic and the paper that protects the Uualk Air.
5. Disassemble the battery using one of the keys and charge it. VERY IMPORTANT: connect the charger cable to the
battery and then connect the charger to the power. We recommend doing a first charge of 12 hours.
Subsequent re-charges takes from 4h to 6h to fully charge, it will be indicated with a green light. To disconnect
from the power, first unplug the charger from the power, then unplug the charger from the battery.
6. Take off the plastic protector from the handlebar. Switch the handlebar to the front and screw using allen key
wrench number 5.
7. Place the front wheel in the proper position. The brake disc must fit into the wheel clamp (left side from ride
position). Screw the front wheel set using the wrench number 15.
8. Unscrew the fork using wrench number 10 and allen key number 6. Place the
front mudguard. The metallic support must be place it on the rear side of the
fork. Screw all this set.
9. Place the pedals according to the sides. Screw the pedals using wrench
number 15. Remember that pedals must be threaded clockwise to avoid that
unscrews during your ride.
10. Place the saddle and adjust the correct saddle height. Clamp the saddle post.
11. Make sure all the elements are correctly screw-fitted.
12. Once the battery is fully charge you must place it and lock it using the key. VERY IMPORTANT: Please, keep the
spare key in a save place or make a copy of key. We do not have replacement key in case of lost.
Enjoy your bike.
VERY IMPORTANT: Take in mind that battery should be always charged. Do not wait to empty the battery to recharge it.
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