Instructions for Soft Serve Machine Setup

Instructions for Soft Serve Machine Setup
Instructions for Soft Serve Machine
• Setup Soft Serve Machine on a secure tabletop.
• Plug machine into a 120 Volt, 15 Amp circuit. Make sure electrical
source is sufficient to properly power the machine.
• There are three switches for the Soft Serve Machine:
o MOTOR SWITCH – turns motor on to spin the liquid.
o LIGHT SWITCH – turns on light at the top of the machine.
o LIQUID OR ICE SWITCH – switches to liquid or ice mode.
Making Soft Serve Ice Cream:
• Make sure machine is assembled just like the image above.
• CAUTION: Make sure the bowl is clipped into place and not lose or open.
o If bowl is not tightly closed, the machine will NOT work properly.
• [Image 1] Open top lid and pour Soft Serve Mix inside bowl until Max Level. (DO NOT PASS THE
“MAXIMUM” LINE). Close the lid completely until you hear a snap to lock it in place)
• [Image 2] Turn Motor Switch ON (the green power button).
• [Image 3] Make sure the temperature level is set to “16” (which is the coldest level).
o Keep in mind, the hotter the temperature is outside, the longer the machine takes to
make the soft serve ice cream.
• When liquid has turned creamy/icy, it is now ready to serve.
o Generally takes about 60-90 minutes for soft serve to be ready.
• [Image 4] Gently pull on the handle to dispense the Soft Serve. If soft serve is not coming out,
press black button (near handle) to spin the soft serve near the pouring hole.
Potential Problems:
• If the lid on the bowl is not securely clipped into place (on the back side) and liquid is poured
into the bowl, the machine will NOT work properly.
• If machine has been on for several hours and it has turned the liquid to hard ICE, simply switch
the mode to Liquid (middle button) and allow some time to soften.
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Soft Serve Instruction Video:
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