BlackBerry Curve 8320
A bigger, more
well-rounded life.
Size (L x W x D)
Weight (battery included)
Memory Expandable Memory Battery
Battery Life2
Convenience Keys Navigation
Voice Input/Output
Ringtones Voicemail attachment Media Player
USB Ports
Approximately 4.2'' x 2.4'' x 0.6'' / 107 mm x 60 mm x 15.5 mm
Approximately 3.9 oz /111.4 g
64 MB flash memory
1100 mAhr (removable/rechargeable lithium cell)
Standby time: 408 hours (17 days)
Talk time: 240 minutes (4 hours)
High resolution 320 x 240 landscape TFT color
display. Supports over 65,000 colors.
2.0 Megapixel camera; Flash: Digital zoom; Self-portrait mirror
35 key, backlit QWERTY keyboard
Send key, End/Power key, Mute key, Left Convenience key (preprogrammed as VAD), Right Convenience key (preprogrammed as Camera), Volume/Zoom key
Trackball, ESC key, Menu key
Integrated earpiece and microphone, hands-free headset capable,
integrated speakerphone
Polyphonic – MP3, MIDI, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, WMA
Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV
BlackBerry Media Player Supported audio formats: MP3, MIDI, AMR-NB, AAC /AAC+/eAAC+, WMA
Supported video formats: MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.263, WMV
802.11b/g enabled
Wi-Fi access to BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Wi-Fi access to BlackBerry Internet Service
Direct IP web browsing over Wi-Fi
Support for UMA/GAN
Bluetooth® v2.0; mono/stereo headset, hands-free, and serial port profile supported. Bluetooth stereo audio (A2DP/AVCRP).
3.5 mm stereo headset capable
Enables charging and data synchronization via USB “A” to mini-USB “B” cable
Power Adapter + 5V DC/500 mA AC power adapter with interchangeable, region-specific plugs
Network Support Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks
Desktop Software Synchronizes calendar, address book, tasks and memos between your smartphone and desktop. Loads new applications and upgrades from your PC to the BlackBerry smartphone. Manages your full media library (including converting and copying files to your BlackBerry smartphone)
– songs, videos, and pictures.
Smartphone Security P assword protection and keyboard lock When used with BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, the BlackBerry Curve supports: AES or Triple DES3 encryption, local AES encryption, password protection and wireless IT commands for remotely locking or deleting data on lost or stolen smartphones.
Email Integration S upports multiple email accounts on a single smartphone, including:
ISP email (such as POP3, IMAP4 – SSL supported), Microsoft® Outlook Web Access, Microsoft® Exchange, IBM® Lotus® Domino®, Novell® GroupWise®.
Organizer Integration W
hen used with BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, the BlackBerry Curve supports wireless synchronization with:
IBM Lotus Notes®, Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise.
hen used with BlackBerry® Desktop Manager, the BlackBerry Curve
supports desktop synchronization with: ACT!® 4.0.2/2000/6.0; ASCII Text File Importer/Exporter; Novell GroupWise
5.5/6.0; Lotus Notes 4.5/4.6/5.0/6.0/6.5; Lotus Organizer® 5.0/6.0; Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/2002/2003 (XP); Microsoft Outlook Express; Microsoft® Schedule +7.5; Microsoft Schedule + Default ; Netscape®.
ocketMac for BlackBerry enables synchronization with: Entourage Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes; Address Book Contacts; iCal Calendar and Tasks; Now Contact/Now Up-To-Date Contacts, Calendars & Tasks; Stickies Notes; DayLite Contacts, Calendar, Tasks.4 Visit to find out more and to download the desktop application for free.
BlackBerry Curve 8320
Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), smart dialing, conference calling, mute button, speed dial, call
forwarding and voicemail attachment playback, built-in speakerphone, Bluetooth enabled.
Provides intuitive call management.
Exceptional battery life
Enjoy up to 4 hours talk time and 17 days standby time.2
Email and Text Messaging
Multiple email account integration
Push-delivery technology
Send and receive text messages (SMS and MMS)
View attachments
Easy email setup directly from your BlackBerry Curve via the setup wizard
Manage multiple email accounts directly on your BlackBerry Curve, including your corporate5 email account. Each mailbox is automatically updated whenever you send, delete, file or read messages on the BlackBerry smartphone.6
Receive your personal and work emails without effort. Messages are delivered automatically to your smartphone.
Communicate on the go with contacts who are using phones or other mobile devices that support SMS or MMS.
Open popular document, voicemail and graphic attachments, such as JPEG, WAV/MP3, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint®.
Setting up your BlackBerry smartphone to send and receive emails is quick and easy. And it’s just a few clicks away.
2.0 Megapixel Camera with flash, digital zoom and self-portrait mirror
Capture the moment and share your shots with your friends, family and contacts right away, via email or MMS. Upload pictures to your FlickrTM account with Yahoo!® Go.
Media player 7
Plug in a stereo headset or pair up any Bluetooth stereo accessory and kick back with your favorite tunes. Shuffle your songs or listen to your favorite playlist – it’s your music on the go. Or, watch news or sports clips while you’re catching your train in to work.
Roxio® Media Manager for BlackBerry® smartphones View, organize and search for media files on your computer, create mp3 music files from CDs, add audio tags, build playlists, and automatically convert
pictures, music and videos for optimal playback on your smartphone.
Wi-Fi support
Take advantage of full voice and data support8 over any Wi-Fi network supported by your service provider.
Connecting over Wi-Fi networks can provide you with service in areas where cellular network coverage is weak or unavailable. It also means you can
use your BlackBerry smartphone as your mobile and home phone - so whether you’re in your living room or across the country, your friends, family and
colleagues can always reach you at the same number. Your BlackBerry services will deliver the same functionality as when you’re connected over the
cellular network, including push-delivery email, dynamic browsing and IM.
And even if you choose not to sign up for a BlackBerry monthly plan, you can still leverage Wi-Fi networks to browse the Internet.
Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging (IM) on your BlackBerry Curve
Stay in touch with all your IM contacts on popular IM communities and corporate instant messaging systems.
BlackBerry Maps
Look up addresses, step-by-step instructions, send maps via email and launch maps from your address book.
Save time and cut stress. BlackBerry Maps helps you find stores, venues and offices in seconds. Get there the easy way. Organizer
Calendar, memo pad and task list
Integrated address book
Desktop PIM synchronization via USB
Stay on top of your day – wherever it takes you.
Access your contact information quickly. Email, text and place phone calls directly from one centralized address book.
Synchronize information between your PC or Mac desktop and your BlackBerry smartphone, including calendar, address book, tasks, memos and more.
HTML browsing
Full screen viewing
RSS feeds support
Enjoy a dynamic, highly responsive Internet experience.
Scroll easily left/right or up/down and view Internet pages in vivid color.
Save bookmarks for one-click access to your favorite sites.
Set up RSS feeds so your news comes to you, hot off the press.
Fun ’n Stuff
BlackBerry® Authentic Accessories,10 including
fashionable carrying cases, batteries and multiple
charging solutions. Wallpapers. Ringtones. Add-on
applications for both entertainment and personal
Customize the BlackBerry Curve to match your life. And make your smartphone truly your own.
Enterprise Ready
Use it with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution.
Securely access all your corporate data over Wi-Fi networks, onsite or off
The BlackBerry Curve can work with your organization’s BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to provide enterprise class functionality, including wireless access to corporate applications, advanced security features, push delivery of data from corporate applications, wireless synchronization with corporate PIM tools and single mailbox integration. Plus, unlike traditional mobile phones, the BlackBerry Curve can be centrally managed and supported by IT departments. IT policies can enable or disable the camera and expandable memory capability for specific users and at specific times.
The Wi-Fi capabilities of the BlackBerry Curve 8320 can also be leveraged to fill any cellular coverage gaps by enabling you to connect directly to your
organization’s on-site Wi-Fi network. And, your BlackBerry services will deliver the same functionality as when you’re connected over the cellular network.
For more information visit
Disclaimers: 1 The BlackBerry Curve accepts microSD cards; the amount of storage is determined by card capacity. 2Based on GSMA PRD TW.09 Battery Life Measurement Technique. Results may vary. Network availability and coverage affect battery life and are dependent upon a number of factors, including
location and transmission environment. 3Available for BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino only. 4 When using PocketMac to synchronize between your BlackBerry smartphone and Mac applications, BlackBerry Enterprise Server integration
features are not supported with PocketMac for BlackBerry. These features include redirector settings, account provisioning, corporate email reconciliation, etc. Exceptions to recurrence patterns for recurring appointments are not supported. There is no support for synchronizing over Bluetooth or serial connections
(without a USB-Serial adaptor); only synchronizing over USB is supported. Bookmark sync is one-way only, from the Mac to the BlackBerry smartphone. Bookmark sync requires version 4.0 of the BlackBerry Device Software. 5Integrating corporate email accounts requires BlackBerry Mail Connector or the BlackBerry
Enterprise Solution. 6Full wireless email reconciliation requires the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. Otherwise reconciliation works from smartphone to source and is dependent on email provider, implementation and protocols. 7All audio and video files must be transferred to the smartphone before playing. Files can
be transferred via USB cable, smartphone browser application or Bluetooth. For a complete list of supported media file formats visit 8 Activation with voice and data plan required 9 Check with your service provider for availability. Coverage is currently limited. Updates with broader
coverage will be available in the future. For details on coverage areas visit 10Use only those accessories approved by Research In Motion. Using any accessories not approved by Research In Motion for use with your BlackBerry smartphone may invalidate any approval or warranty applicable
to your BlackBerry smartphone and may be dangerous. 11Prior to subscribing to or implementing any third party products or services, it is your responsibility to ensure that the airtime service provider you are working with has agreed to support all of the features of the third party products and services. Installation
and use of third party products and services with RIM’s products and services may require one or more patent, trademark or copyright licenses in order to avoid infringement of the intellectual property rights of others. You are solely responsible for determining whether such third party licenses are required and are
responsible for acquiring any such licenses. To the extent that such intellectual property licenses may be required, RIM expressly recommends that you do not install or use these products and services until all such applicable licenses have been acquired by you or on your behalf. Your use of third party software
shall be governed by and subject to you agreeing to the terms of separate software licenses, if any, for those products or services. Any third party products or service that are provided with RIM’s products and services are provided “as is.” RIM makes no representation, warranty or guarantee whatsoever in relation
to the third party products. and services and RIM assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to the third party products and services even if RIM has been advised of the possibility of such damages or can anticipate such damages.
Check with service provider for roaming arrangements, service plans and supported features and services. Certain features outlined in this document require a minimum version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server software,
BlackBerry Desktop Software, and/or BlackBerry Device Software and may require additional development for access to corporate applications. ©2007 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. Research In Motion,
the RIM logo, BlackBerry, and the BlackBerry logo, are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and may be pending or registered in other countries. These marks, images and symbols are owned by Research
In Motion Limited. T-Mobile, Inc. All rights reserved. MKT-16864-001
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