ELS-1150 Series Electro-Optic Level Switch

ELS-1150 Series Electro-Optic Level Switch
Instruction Bulletin No. 196361
Rev B
ELS-1150 Series
Electro-Optic Level Switch
(Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel)
1a. 3/4" Straight Thread Switch: Thread sensor into tank
wall and tighten by hand. Tighten to a maximum torque of
15 ft-lbs.
1b. 1/2" NPT Switch: Apply a curing type thread sealant (such
as Loctite #565 with primer "N"), which is compatible with
the liquid media. We do not recommend pipe tape. For
Carbon Steel units torque one to two turns (maximum) past
the hand-tight engagement. For Stainless Steel units torque
one turn (maximum) past the hand-tight engagement.Over
Torque of sensor can permanently damage sensor.
2. Sensor may be installed horizontally or up to 45° from
horizontal, only. (See Figure 1)
3. Do not install sensor close to infrared sources.
4. Prism surface must be at least 2" from any reflective surfaces.
5. Connect appropriate voltage supply to red lead. For 12 VDC
units, connect to 12 VDC ±5%. For 5 VDC units, connect to
5 VDC ±5%. For 24 VDC units, connect to 24 VDC ±5%.
6. Inductive loads must be diode-suppressed.
Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel or 316SS
Fused Glass
0 to 2500 psig, Max.
Operating Pressure
Operating Temperature -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C)
Current Consumption
5V ~22 mA No Load
12V ~34mA No Load
24V ~36mA No Load
Open Collector Output,
18 mA Sink Max.
Electrical Termination
22 AWG, Polymeric, 12” to 14”
Extended Lead Wires
±1 mm
Units Labeled
C.E. EN 61326
U.L. File E108913
Note: Not for use in freezing liquids
Mounting Attitude
These units must be mounted horizontally or up to 45° from
horizontal, ONLY.
Up to
Sensor may require a periodic cleaning of
prism surface. A mild detergent may be used
to clean prism surface.
Scale: Full
- Figure 1 -
Typical Wiring Diagram
+5 VDC or +12 VDC or +24 VDC
+12 VDC or +5 VDC
Inductive loads must be
18 mA
(Mounting: 1/2” NPT Thread)
(Mounting: 3/4” 16 UNJF-3A Fitting)
3/4” - 16UNJF-3A
1/2” NPT
Red = +12 or +5 VDC Input
White = Output
Black = Ground
Red = +12 or +5 VDC Input
White = Output
Black = Ground
Wire, #22 AWG, Polymeric
(Unless otherwise specified,
leads will be 12” to 14”
Wire, #22 AWG, Polymeric
(Unless otherwise specified,
leads will be 12” to 14”
Mounting Notes
1. Thread and O-Ring seal configuration per MS33656. Uses
#3-908 size O-ring.
2. Mating tube fitting per MS-33649
3. Installation torque not to exceed
15 ft-lbs
This product complies with EN61326 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory use - EMC Requirements for Minimum Requirements
and Industrial Locations. Special caution should be taken to meet EN61000-4-5 Surge Immunity if any of the following conditions apply to the installation:
The product is installed outside; the cable is greater than 30 meters in length. In order to meet the Surge Immunity requirements, the following conditions
must be followed during installation:
1. Shielded cable must be used, and the shield must be tied to earth ground (not power supply ground) on at least one end of the cable shield/drain wire.
The shield must be maintained all the way from sensor to the power supply.
2. If unshielded cable is used, an earth grounded metal conduit can be used to replace the shielded cable.
3. For the sensor with metal body or enclosure the body/enclosure must be grounded to earth. If a protective metal housing is used, the metal housing
should be grounded to earth.
4. If a protective plastic housing is used, the housing must be able to withstand at least 2 kV from the housing to earth ground.
Return Policy
Returns are accepted on stock items up to 30 days from date of order. You must contact our Returns Department for a Return Authorization (RA) number. Return the goods - freight prepaid - in the original container and include original packing slip.
C. O. D. returns are not accepted. Gems reserves the right to apply restocking charges.
Tel: 860-793-4357
Fax: 860-793-4563
Important Points:
· Gems products must be maintained and installed in strict accordance
with the National Electrical Code and the applicable Gems Product
Instruction Bulletin that covers installation, operation and proper maintenance. Failure to observe this information may result in serious injury
or damages.
· For hazardous area applications involving such things as, but not limited
to, ignitable mixtures, combustible dust and flammable materials, use
an appropriate explosionproof enclosure or intrinsically safe interface
· Please adhere to the pressure and temperature limitations shown throughout this catalog for our level and flow sensors. These limitations must
not be exceeded. These pressures and temperatures take into consideration possible system surge pressures, temperatures and their
· Selection of materials for compatibility with the media is critical to the life
and operation of Gems products. Take care in the proper selection of
materials of construction, testing is required.
· NSF-approved sensors are made of materials approved for potable water applications according to Standard 61.
· Stainless steel is generally regarded as safe by NSF and FDA.
· Life expectancy of switch contacts varies with application. Contact Gems
if life cycle testing is required.
· Ambient temperature changes do affect switch set points, since the
gravity of a liquid can vary with temperature.
· Our sensors have been designed to resist shock and vibration. However,
shock and vibration should be minimized.
· Filter liquid media containing particulate and/or debris to ensure the proper
operation of our products.
· Electrical entries and mounting points in an enclosed tank may require
· Our sensors must not be field-repaired.
· Physical damage sustained by product may render it unserviceable.
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