Easywalker Harvey - Easywalker Brand portal

Easywalker Harvey - Easywalker Brand portal
Expect more!
A future ready stroller
A contemporary basic look
natural colour schemes
iconic, evergreen patterns
pure and honest materials
clean and simple lines
Distinctive design
stylish leatherette
matt grey anodised
ergonomic design
soft padded
big and comfortable
new styles and
Practical features for parents on the go
carrycot is high and stable for you to be
closer to your baby. older child can get
in and out of the low seat easily.
the soft padded seat can be easily
reversed for the child to face you, or face
the world forward. It has four reclining
positions for the child to sit or relax.
Easywalker Harvey can be folded compactly
even with the seat to fit in the trunk of the
smallest cars, under stairways or closets.
made of high quality, lightweight
aluminium, Easywalker Harvey weighs
only 10.8 kg, including seat, canopy,
bumper bar and basket, making it easy
to carry and store.
the soft padded seat can be easily
reversed for the child to face you, or
face the world forward. It has four
reclining positions for the child to sit or
with wheel bearings and four wheel
suspension, the stroller gives your child a
smooth ride even on rough terrains while
sitting or sleeping. swivelling front wheels can
be locked when desired.
most car seats can be easily fixed on
the frame using adapters with one
click, so if the child sleeps in car no
need to take her out to transfer to the
Easywalker Harvey is sturdy
and has foam filled tires, so
you can steer it with one hand
and turn it easily even in tight
Practical features for parents on the go
Easywalker Harvey comes with included
XL sun canopy. rain cover and sunshade,
winter inlay as separate accessories. so
the child can be protected from wind, sun,
rain and snow.
Easywalker Harvey can be used from birth
and can support up to 15kg of weight in
each seat. the carrycots can support weight
up to 9kg each and are tested for overnight
sleeping, so there is no need for an
additional bassinet.
with the use of an additional axle, the stroller can be extended to
accommodate twins or two children of different ages, while still retaining its
easy folding and reverse system. better value for money for the family.
carrycot can be attached to the frame and
taken off without any fuss. It comes with
an upholstered, washable lining, a soft,
thick mattress (3 cm) and a washable
mattress cover.
a 5-point harness with soft harness
pads ensures child is safely strapped
in. easy to use and remove bumper
bar provides extra support for little
fingers to hold on.
all fabrics used are soft, water
repellent and easy to clean if your
little one spills something. luxurious
two-tone colours add to the looks
and design.
Easily adapts to family needs
Coal Black
Steel Grey
Fresh Olive
Soft Caramel
Classic Breton
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Easywalker Harvey accessories
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