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InGround Vinyl Liner Installation Instructions
• Your vinyl liner should be installed in warm weather. If the temperature is between 55-60 degrees F, store the liner
in a heated area before installing. The liner will be easier to install and the packing wrinkles will disappear quicker.
• Clear the pool bottom of loose stones, leaves, twigs and inspect for sharp objects that may damage or puncture
the liner. Also clear the pool deck and sweep before taking the liner out of the box.
• Replace all the gaskets when installing your new replacement liner.
• A minimum of four people are required for the liner installation.
Installation Directions
• Place the liner box on the right side of the pool at the shallow end. Carefully remove the liner and unroll towards
the deep end of the pool.
• With the liner unrolled, grasp the exposed top fold of the liner at each end of the pool and slowly walk the liner
across the pool. The bottom fold of the liner should be held by the other two people as this is being done. Once
the liner is draped over the pool, locate the stickers that indicate the pool corners and begin to insert the liner
bead into the coping track at the corners and work towards the center of the sides and ends until the liner bead
is completely in the bead receiver track.
• Check the initial fit of the liner and adjust if necessary. Place water bags or sandbags in the shallow end against
the pool wall to hold the liner.
• Approximately half way down the length of the pool, remove 6 to 8 inches of the liner bead. Insert the vacuum
hose down to where the wall meets the pool floor or close to it. Cover all the skimmer lids and stair sections with
masking tape and plywood or cardboard.
• Turn on the vacuum and begin to remove the wrinkles gently with a pool brush. If the liner needs major
repositioning, turn off the vacuum and make the necessary adjustments. Once you are satisfied with the
adjustments, turn the vacuum back on to have the liner drawn into position.
Begin Filling The Pool
• Once you are satisfied with the liner fit, start filling the pool with the vacuum still running.
• With about 12 inches of water in the deep end, install the main drain outer faceplate and cut out the liner in the
center with a sharp knife. Install the main drain grate. Continue to fill the pool.
• Brush out any wrinkles in the liner as the water level rises toward the shallow end. Remove the water bags or sand
bags after there is about 2 or 3 inches of water in the shallow end and you have brushed out any remaining wrinkles.
Shut off the vacuum and reinsert the liner bead into the coping track. Continue to fill the pool.
• Do not install faceplates for wall fittings, skimmers, light fixtures and stairs until water level is 2 to 3 inches below the
fixture. Premature installation could result in the tearing of the liner due to normal sidewall stretching as the water
level increases in the pool.
Common Installation Mistakes
• Not preparing the pool walls and floor properly.
• Dragging the liner on the deck when positioning for installation (must protect liner from objects that can cut, tear,
puncture or scrape the vinyl).
• Not starting the liner installation in the shallow end.
• Not positioning the liner properly before cutting in the stairs or fittings.
• Not sand-bagging the shallow end or safety ledge to help hold in place if necessary.
• Not waiting for the water level to be at least 6 inches deep in the shallow end before installing the stair channels
and cutting out the opening.
• Not verifying a perfect fit before cutting in the stairs or fittings.
• Not enough suction to secure the liner against the pool walls and floor.
• Turning off the vacuum prematurely.
For assistance, please call 877-747-7946
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