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Professional kitchen machine
with attachments
Please read and keep these instructions
getting the best from your
new kitchen machine...
• Ensure the blades have stopped rotating
before lifting the mixer head upwards.
• Never run the mixer for longer than 10
minutes as it will overheat.
• Never run the blender for more than 1 minute.
Allow to cool down for 3 minutes.
• It is advisable to use the anti-spill bowl cover.
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• WARNING: Take care when
handling metal blades they are
very sharp.
Important safety
Remove the attachments from the mixer
before washing.
Keep hands and other utensils out of the
bowl while blending food to reduce the
risk of severe injury to persons or
damage to the unit.
Make sure the mixer is switched off
before connecting to or disconnecting
from the mains supply.
Do not use during cooking processes or
with boiling liquids.
Do not operate in the presence of
explosive and/or inflammable fumes.
The use of any electrical appliance
requires the following of basic common
sense safety rules.
Primarily there is danger of injury or
death and secondly the danger of damage
to the appliance. These are indicated in the
text by the following two conventions:
WARNING: Danger to the person!
IMPORTANT: Damage to the appliance!
In addition we offer the following
essential safety advice.
Do not use outdoors.
Mains lead
The mains lead should reach without
straining the connections.
Do not let the mains lead hang over the
edge of a worktop where a child could
reach it.
Do not let the lead run across an open
space e.g. between a low socket and
Do not let the lead run across a cooker
or toaster or other hot area which might
damage the cable.
Do not allow children to use this
appliance. Children are vulnerable in the
kitchen particularly when unsupervised
and if appliances are being used or
cooking is being carried out.
Other safety considerations
Personal safety
WARNING: To protect against fire,
electric shock and personal injury
do not immerse cord, plug or mixer
in water or other liquid.
• Unplug from outlet when not in use,
before cleaning, removing or attaching
parts. To disconnect, turn off, grasp plug
and unplug from wall. Never pull on the
• Avoid contact with moving parts. Keep
hands, hair, clothing as well as spatulas
and other utensils away from the beater,
whisk or dough hook during operation to
prevent injury or damage to the mixer.
• Don’t let rotating blades touch the mains
Do not operate any appliance with a
damaged cord or plug or after the
appliance malfunctions or has been
damaged in any manner.
Do not overfill the blender. This could
cause damage to the motor. The 3 amp
fuse will blow if the blender is
overloaded. Replace the fuse and do not
exceed the recommended volumes.
Do not use accessories not
recommended by the manufacturer as
there is the danger of fire, electric shock
or personal injury.
Do not place on or near a hot gas or
electric burner or in a heated oven.
Unplug from outlet when not in use.
It is advisable to operate the mixer with
the splash cover in place.
When blending hot liquids remove the
goblet from the blender lid.
Do not use this appliance for other than
the intended use.
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Page 3
WARNING: The plug removed from
the mains lead, if severed, must be
destroyed as a plug with bared flexible
cord is hazardous if engaged into a live
socket outlet.
Should the fuse in the 13 amp plug
require changing, a 3 amp BS1362 fuse
must be fitted.
WARNING: This appliance must be
Electrical requirements
Check that the voltage on the rating
plate of your appliance corresponds with
your house electricity supply which must be
A.C. (Alternating Current).
If the socket outlets in your home are not
suitable for the plug supplied with this
appliance, the plug should be removed and
the appropriate one fitted.
Outlet cover for blender
Mixer head release lever
Speed/pulse selector
Mixer head
For attachments (optional extra)
Splash cover
Window - to add ingredients
Blender lid
Blender jug
Dough hook
Mixer reset button
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Page 4
The mixer tools and
their uses
To use the mixer
1 Turn the release knob to the ‘unlock’
position and raise the mixer head. A
You will hear a click.
2 Put the ingredients into the bowl, then fit
the bowl onto the base and turn
clockwise to lock in place.
3 Locate the splash cover if required over
the attachment head then turn anticlockwise to lock in position. B
4 Choose a tool, insert the tool into the
attachment head, push up and twist
anti-clockwise to lock in place. C
5 Turn the release knob to the ‘unlock’
position and lower the mixer head until it
clicks shut.
6 Plug the mixer into the mains outlet,
then select a speed.
7 Mix until desired consistency is reached.
8 To switch off, turn the speed selector
switch back to ‘O’.
WARNING: Never run the mixer for
longer than 10 minutes as it will
Wash all parts before first use, see
cleaning instructions page 7.
The whisking attachment
Use the whisk attachment for whisking
eggs, cream, instant puddings, all in one
cake mixes, creaming magarine with sugar
(use a block margarine at room temperature)
and mixing eggs into sponge and fruit
• Don’t use the whisk for heavy mixtures
as you could damage it.
Dough hook
Use the dough hook for yeast mixtures.
Use beater for mixing flour or fruit into
cake mixes and making short crust pastry.
Splash cover
The splash cover is used to prevent any
splash back of ingredients. The window can
be used to add ingredients during mixing.
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Page 5
Which speed to use
This may help you to select a speed for
most tasks. These guides are
recommendations. Please adjust the mixer
speed as necessary.
Fold, stir or cream butter and sugar
Making pastry
Mix cake mixes, cookie dough, mash potatoes
11-Max & pulse
11-Max & pulse
To add more ingredients
Choosing a speed
1 Lift up the window on the splash cover
to add further ingredients during the
mixing process.
To remove tools
1 Switch the mixer off and unplug the unit.
2 Turn the release knob to the ‘unlock’
position and raise the mixer head. D
3 Push up and twist clockwise to remove
the tool. E
If you have got something in the bowl
that might splash (e.g. cream or flour),
use the bowl cover, then start on the
lowest speed and increase if necessary.
If you feel the machine labouring,
increase the speed.
Use the pulse setting when you require a
short burst at maximum speed, usually
required in whisking.
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Page 6
• Don’t process spices such as cloves, dill
and cumin seeds as they damage the
blender plastic parts.
• The blender is not suitable as a storage
container. Don’t leave ingredients to
stand inside it either before or after
• Never exceed the maximum capacity.
• When making mayonnaise, put all
ingredients, except oil into the blender.
Then with the machine running, remove
the goblet and add the oil slowly and
When processing foods with strong
colour (eg. carrots) the plastic parts of
the appliance may become discoloured.
Use cooking oil to clean any discoloured
Using the blender
WARNING: To prevent injury keep
hands and other utensils out of the jug
while blending food.
Use the blender for soups, drinks,
mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, biscuit crumbs
and chopping nuts.
1 Ensure the mixer head is in the down
position and that there are no tools
inserted in the mixer head.
2 Put your ingredients into the jug.
3 Put the lid, goblet onto the jug. F
4 Remove the outlet cover. G
5 Place the blender onto the outlet and
turn clockwise to lock in position. H
6 Switch on by using the speed switch.
Refer to operating chart.
7 To remove the blender turn it anticlockwise and lift off.
Hints for blending
• Never remove the blender or its lid until
the blades have completely stopped
• Never blend very hot liquids.
• Never run the blender for longer than 1
• Don’t put dry ingredients into the blender
before switching on. Cut them into
cubes and drop them through the goblet
while the machine is running.
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Page 7
• For blending and chopping, select a
slow speed for soft ingredients, increase
the speed if required to produce the
consistency required.
• Select a high speed for chopping or
blending hard ingredients.
Before cleaning and maintenance,
switch the appliance off and unplug it.
1 Remove all attachments. All attachments
can be washed in warm soapy water.
Ensure that they are thoroughly dried.
2 Wipe the outside of the mixer with a
damp cloth, then leave to air dry. Never
use abrasives or immerse in water.
3 Wash the bowl in hot soapy water. After
cleaning re-fit the bowl. This will keep
the mixer head mechanism covered.
4 Fill the blender with warm water, fit the
lid and goblet, then switch on to MAX
for 20-30 seconds. Empty then rinse.
Wipe then leave to air dry.
• Do not leave the blender in water to
soak or leave water in the blender.
Trouble shooting
If the mixer stops working check the
reset button has not popped out. This
happens due to overheating which is
caused by overloading the mixer.
Wait a few minutes for the mixer to cool
down and press the reset button back
in. I.
If you have any difficulty with your
appliance, do not hesitate to call us. We’re
more likely able to help than the store from
where you bought it.
Please have the following information
ready to enable our staff to deal with your
query quickly:
• Name of the product
• Model number as shown on the
underside of the appliance.
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Page 8
Your two year guarantee
It is important to retain the retailers
receipt as proof of purchase. Staple your
receipt to this back cover for future
Please quote the following information if
the product develops a fault. These numbers
can be found on the base of the product.
Model no.
Serial no.
All Morphy Richards products are
individually tested before leaving the factory.
In the unlikely event of any appliance proving
to be faulty within 28 days of purchase it
should be returned to the place of purchase
for it to be replaced.
If the fault develops after 28 days and
within 24 months of original purchase, you
should contact the Helpline number quoting
Model number and Serial number on the
product, or write to Morphy Richards at the
address shown.
You will be asked to return the product (in
secure, adequate packaging) to the address
below along with a copy of proof of
Subject to the exclusions set out below
(see Exclusions) the faulty appliance will then
be repaired or replaced and dispatched
usually within 7 working days of receipt.
If for any reason this item is replaced
during the 2 year guarantee period, the
guarantee on the new item will be calculated
from original purchase date. Therefore it is
vital to retain your original till receipt or
invoice to indicate the date of initial
To qualify for the 2 year guarantee the
appliance must have been used according to
the manufacturers instructions. For example
appliances should have been regularly
Morphy Richards shall not be liable to
replace or repair the goods under the terms
of the guarantee where:
1 The fault has been caused or is
attributable to accidental use, misuse,
negligent use or used contrary to the
manufacturers recommendations or where
the fault has been caused by power
surges or damage caused in transit.
2 The appliance has been used on a voltage
supply other than that stamped on the
3 Repairs have been attempted by persons
other than our service staff (or authorised
4 Where the appliance has been used for
hire purposes or non domestic use.
5 Morphy Richards are not liable to carry
out any type of servicing work, under the
6 Plastic filters for all Morphy Richards
kettles and coffee makers are not covered
by the guarantee.
This guarantee does not confer any rights
other than those expressly set out above and
does not cover any claims for consequential
loss or damage. This guarantee is offered as
an additional benefit and does not affect your
statutory rights as a consumer.
• This guarantee is valid in the UK and
Ireland only.
Morphy Richards products are intended
for household use only
Morphy Richards has a policy of
The After Sales Division,
continuous improvement in product
Registered address,
quality and design. The Company,
Morphy Richards Ltd, Mexborough,
South Yorkshire, England, S64 8AJ
therefore, reserves the right to change
the specification of its models at any
Helpline (office hours)
UK 0870 060 2612
Republic of Ireland 1800 409119
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