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Electric Lamps
If you are interested in having a new 120Volt electric post lamp installed to replace your old gas lamp, you have come to
the right place. The six ARC approved 120Volt electric post lamps are show below. Clicking on each lamp title will direct
you to links to purchase these lamps. An Electric Lamp Installation Specification has be written to help the home owner
understand the steps required to successfully install the lamp. It is encouraged that you give a copy of this spec sheet to
the contractor of your choice to serve as an installation guideline. ARC approved post lamps do not require a RAMM
form submittal.
If you have another post lamp style in mind, such as a post lamp that matches your carriage lights on your garage, please
fill out a RAMM form, and submit to the ARC committee for approval.
Tiverton Model# 2446
Autumn Gold or Black
Abbington Model# 2956-BK
Savoy House 5-7913-72
Rustic Bronze
Devonshire Model# 2986-BK
Savoy House 07097-BLK
Savoy House Chatsworth KP-5-1104-3
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Sanctuary Electric Lamp Conversion Specification (120Volt AC)
1. Turn off natural gas at house shut-off.
2. Bleed gas line by letting existing lamp mantles burn out.
3. Cap gas line at house using ¾ NPT fittings (caps, nipples, “T” fittings, etc..) and gas quality pipe sealant. Be sure
to also cap dismantled gas line to lamp at house end to prevent critter entry.
4. Turn house gas supply back on after lamp gas line has been capped.
5. Re-light pilot light at gas hot water heater in garage and any other natural gas powered heater that contains a
pilot light such as a pool or spa heater.
6. Dismantle and remove old lamp and pole
7. Cap and adequately bury flexi gas line at lamp end of gas line if old lamp pole needs to be removed. Do not
want lawn mower strikes.
8. Dig trench to proper electrical code depth and run Romex and conduit from house to new lamp location.
(Running new electric line my require burrowing underneath front entry walkway to gain access to electricity
9. To establish 120Volt AC electrical power, wire into existing outdoor receptacle using electrical box and conduit
per electric code, or if required wire into breaker board per electric code. (It is understood that wiring into
breaker board will be more complex and time consuming. May require drilling through house garage cement
wall. Price will be adjusted accordingly).
10. Install 120Volt AC electric photo sensor to control on/off functionality of lamp. Photo sensor may be installed
on lamp pole if photo sensor is not tripped by lamp light itself. Timer installations are not allowed on new
120volts installations.
11. Install additional 120Volt AC power receptacle to bottom of lamp post so owner has additional plug-in for yard
work or holiday lighting.
12. If new lamp post is required, post shall be 10ft long and made of aluminum. It shall also be buried so that top of
lighting fixture is 6feet above the ground. Post shall be cemented into ground using quick set cement.
13. Assemble and install new lamp fixture.
14. Provide and install new light bulbs into fixture and clean glass panes.
15. Perform full checkout of lamp/fixture to ensure installation is working.
16. Provide technical support and repair to homeowner for up to 1 month if lamp is not working properly.
K. Scherer 1/26/09
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