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Booster Seat Safety Tips
Everything you need to know about kids in booster seats.
Kids who have outgrown their car seats are not quite ready for a seat belt alone – although they might try to
convince you otherwise. Instead, have them move to a booster seat that makes the adult seat belt fit properly
when they have outgrown the car seat. Booster seats can actually be pretty cool. Here are a few tips to make
sure your kids are ready for and safe in a booster seat.
• When your child is
seated in the booster
seat, make sure the
lap belt fits low
across the hips and
the shoulder belt is
across the shoulders.
• Do not place the
shoulder belt under
the child’s arm or
behind the child’s
back. Return your
child to a car seat if
you cannot get a
good fit of the seat belt when using the booster
• Keep using a booster seat with the vehicle lap
AND shoulder safety belts until your child passes
the following Safety Belt Fit Test:
• The child’s knees should bend at the edge of
the seat when his or her back and bottom are
against the vehicle seat back; and
• The vehicle lap belt should fit across the upper
thighs; and
• The shoulder beltshould fit across the shoulder
and chest. Children are usually between 8
and 12 years old when the seat belt fits them
• Older kids get weighed and measured less often
than babies, so check your child’s growth a few
times a year. Generally, kids need to use a booster
until they are about 4 feet 9 inches tall and weigh
between 80 and 100 pounds.
• Talk with the drivers who transport your big kids
so they understand that booster seat use is a
must when your child is in their vehicles.
For more resources on how to keep your kids
safe, go to
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Children seated in a booster
seat in the back seat of the
car are 45% less likely to be
injured in a crash than
children using a seat belt alone.
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