SMTP redirection
How to Enable SMTP Redirection
Purpose: Enabling SMTP Redirection on your Nomadix gateway to allow subscribers to
send and receive email when not connected to their SMTP home server.
When SMTP redirection is enabled (for Misconfigured or Properly configured subscribers), the
Nomadix Gateway redirects the subscriber’s E-mail through a dedicated SMTP server, including
SMTP servers which support login authentication with the latest software. To the subscriber, this
function is transparent.
Note: A “Misconfigured” subscriber is a subscriber whose IP address is different from the
Network/Subnet of the Nomadix gateway. A “Properly Configured” subscriber is a subscriber
with the same IP address as the Nomadix gateway.
To Enable SMTP support:
1) Select Configuration then SMTP from a management session
2) Enable SMTP Redirection (Misconfigured) and SMTP Redirection (Properly
Note: Enabling both of these choices will not change the effectiveness of the Nomadix
3) Enter your SMTP server IP or DNS name. If your ISP or location does not have an
SMTP server, please see “Nomadix SMTP Services Offering” below
4) For compatibility with SMTP clients that use the SMTP AUTH method to send mail, you
will need to create a user account on your SMTP server to be used for the client
negotiation. This user name and password will need to be entered as the SMTP Server
Account Username and Password.
5) Click the Submit button. A reboot is not required.
How To Enable SMTP Redirection
Nomadix SMTP Services Offering
The SMTP server hosted by Nomadix is an industrial class server hosted at the Nomadix Network
Operations Center. It is not an open SMTP server but implements the Login Authentication to support
end users with E-mail clients that send authentication information to the SMTP servers. The SMTP
server also supports IP Access Control Lists to support end users whose E-mail clients do not send
authentication information and at the same time precluding spammers from illegally using it. In order to
limit spamming, the SMTP server also employs well known flow control and tar-pitting techniques.
SMTP service is sold as an annual service and is available through normal Nomadix sales channels.
For further questions, please contact
How To Enable SMTP Redirection
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