Heat economically and in an environmentally friendly way?

Heat economically and in an environmentally friendly way?
Heat economically and in an environmentally friendly
way? It all depends on the heating boiler!
Efficiency and environmental sustainability are the top priorities for Upper
Austrian heating boiler manufacturer ETA. And they have the right heating
solution ready for any requirement.
Logs, wood chips or pellets: enough to heat a residential house as a whole office
building. But the heating boiler must fit. One of the most innovative
manufacturers of boiler heaters is located in Hofkirchen an der Trattnach in
Upper Austria: ETA Heiztechnik GmbH has specialised in heating systems based
on renewable energy since 1998. Only fuels from sustainable sources, i.e. wood
or miscanthus (elephant grass, Miscanthus sinensis) are used for heating. The
company has about 230 employees and produces over 10,000 boilers per year.
Cast from the same mould
Different boilers are available depending on the energy requirements, preferred
heating material and local conditions. ETA log boilers deliver between 20 to 60
kW of heat output, wood chip and pellet boilers up to 500 kW. And because the
supply of hot water is part of a heating system, ETA also offer stratified charging
tanks, which provide hot water around the clock via an in-house fresh water
module, saving as much energy as possible. So the customer can always rely on
having a system from a single source. All components are perfectly matched with
one another.
Patented and customer-oriented
At ETA, the development, design as well as the control and regulation technology
are all produced in-house. Many patented systems in the devices ensure safe
and comfortable operation for many years. A large touchscreen makes setting
the heating really easy – this can also be done remotely: you can easily control
your heating system via the internet through the www.meinETA.at platform! And,
if required and with the customer's consent, the boiler controller can be easily
accessed by customer support via this platform. All ETA devices are available at
good specialist shops.
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