NSW Health Dental Fact Sheet - Tooth Brushing

NSW Health Dental Fact Sheet - Tooth Brushing
Dental Information Fact Sheets
Tooth Brushing
When should you start brushing teeth?
• As soon as the first teeth appear,
at around 6 months, they should
be cleaned using a child-sized
soft toothbrush, but not with
• The easiest way to brush infant’s
teeth is to sit, or lay, the child on
your lap, support her head, and
clean teeth gently.
• For an older child stand or kneel
behind the child in front of the sink
or mirror, support her head and look
directly into the mouth.
• Children should spit out, but not
swallow and not rinse.
When should you start using toothpaste?
• Toothpaste should always be used
under the supervision of an adult.
• From around 18 months of age teeth
should be cleaned twice a day with
a small pea-sized amount of low
fluoride (baby) toothpaste, and a
child sized soft toothbrush.
• Toothpaste may be introduced
earlier based on the advice of a
dental professional.
• Children should have their teeth
brushed by an adult up until eight
years of age.
Why should you keep your own teeth
and gums healthy?
• Children are not born with toothdecay causing bacteria: this bacteria
can pass over to a baby’s mouth on
dummies, bottles and spoons.
• Adults are advised to keep their own
teeth and gums healthy through
regular brushing with fluoride
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