SG Series UPS 225



UPS 225-750 kVA

with ultra-high efficiency eBoost

™ technology


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Ensuring Uptime for Critical Processes

For mission-critical processes, customers rely on our industry-leading power quality solutions to increase system reliability.

GE Critical Power has technology that delivers superior performance and industry-leading energy efficiency for facility backup power management.

In addition to our UPS Solutions, we provide the Standby Generator Paralleling

Switchgear, Automatic Transfer Switches and Surge Suppression Devices that deliver power efficiently and reliably.

SG Series 225-750 kVA UPS Modules

State-of-the-art Multi-Mode UPS with eBoost Technology

The SG Series UPS is one of the most efficient and reliable Three Phase UPS

Systems, providing best-in-class output performance and critical power protection for your datacenter needs.

The SG Series UPS solutions are designed and optimized to provide highefficiency at part load conditions. The SG Series UPS assures low input current harmonic distortion and best-in-class output voltage regulation and dynamic response. This helps customers save operational costs while implementing environmentally-friendly solutions.

Best-in-Class Efficiency with Lower Total Cost of Ownership

• Up to 99% operating efficiency with written efficiency guarantees

• eBoost line conditioning & voltage regulation via Bypass Inductor patented design

• eBoost operation minimizes efficiency losses, providing annual power & cooling savings up to

$300K for 5MW datacenter

• First Three Phase UPS Supplier to receive EPA Energy Star certification (Sept 2012).

Easier Installation & Configuration Flexibility

• Top or bottom cable access • Front Maintainability Design reduces mean time to repair (MTTR)

• Matching battery and maintenance bypass cabinet for easy configuration • Seismic Certifications

Scalable Solution

• Redundant Parallel Architecture

(RPA) provides reliability, redundancy and scalability

• Parallel up to 6 UPS Modules

• Long history of experience with

Redundant Parallel Architecture

(RPA) which increases system reliability by eliminating single point of failures

Key Features

• Multi-Mode UPS with eBoost Technology

• Up to 100KA Withstand Fault Rating

• Smart Input Filtering for Maximum

GenSet Compatibility

• ZigZag Output Isolation Transformer

• Top or Bottom Cable Entry

• Continuous Duty Static Bypass Assembly

• Front Access Only to minimize footprint

• Input/Output Cable Length Flexibility

• UL Bolted Short Circuit Tested


Energy Efficiency is Our Focus

The GE SG Series is one of the most energy efficient double-conversion UPS with output transformer topology in the industry, and provides world-class energy efficiency across the operating load range.

GE’s UPS performance is optimized at 50-75% load operation, as this is the most common operating range. The optimization of the

SG Series includes selecting all the major power chain components based on maximizing the component efficiency at part load conditions. See the technical specification on the last page for 225-750 kVA efficiencies.

The tables below reflect that our UPS Operating Efficiency is best-in-class throughout the load range.

Our UPS Systems use state-of-the-art Multi-Mode technology, maximizing the use of 99% efficient eBoost mode when the utility voltage/frequency is stable and within CBEMA specs for IT power supplies.

Our superior technology is recognized by The Green Grid Administration and certified by the U.S. Government’s EPA Energy Star program. Energy Star certification validates GE’s commitment to protect the environment through the use of energy-efficient products.

SG 750 kVA UPS Efficiency


eBoost Savings

eBoost operation provides considerable energy life cycle cost savings ranging from $0.5MM to $7MM**. Savings are dependent upon load, power costs and life cycle duration (years).

** Assumptions:

• Power Cost = $0.10/kw-hr

• Operating Hrs/Year = 8.760

• Confirmation = S+S operating at

50% of capacity

Datacenter Life Cycle Cost (10 Years)

Ultra-High Efficiency Mode eBoost

Energy consumption is a critical issue for IT organizations as their datacenter energy demands continue to grow. Their goal is to reduce cost and keep the datacenter running. IT organizations can reduce energy consumption costs & system reliability with

GE’s eBoost technology.

Technology Features

• Up to 99% UPS efficiency

• Compliant to ITI (CBEMA) curve during transient events

• Patented power electronics and magnetics ensures less than

2ms transfer time to inverter

• Patented power conditioning/filtering design via bypass inductor and output transformer/capacitor while in eBoost mode

• Battery trickle charge in eBoost operating mode

• Up to 4 MW UPS capacity using paralleled modules

Power Flow Diagram

What is eBoost?


= high efficiency up to 99%


= fast transfer to inverter < 2ms

Customer Benefits

• 80% reduction in UPS losses

• System energy cost savings

• Reduced heat (BTU) generation

• Energy savings from reduced cooling

• Extend UPS component life

• User-programmable scheduling

A Multi-Mode UPS Technology endorsed by EPA Energy Star and the Green Grid Administration.

eBoost Performance Specifications

On SG Series UPS products, 225-750 kVA, single module and Redundant Parallel

Architecture (RPA) operation:

Fast transfer to inverter: <2ms

Input voltage range: +/- 10

Input frequency range: +/- 2

EYciency: up to 99%


Innovative Product Technology

Space Vector Modulation (SVM)

Space Vector Modulation is the next generation of Pulse Width

Modulation (PWM) inverter control technology. SVM uses an advanced switching technique for PWM driving Insulated

Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT).


• Higher Efficiency:

Reduces switching losses and improves partial load efficiency

• Improved Output Performance:

Reduces Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) with non-linear loads and improves transient response to step loads

• Precise Paralleled System Performance:

More accurate load sharing with multiple units operating in parallel

Superior Battery Management (SBM)

Every GE UPS incorporates a standard feature called Superior

Battery Management (SBM) that can be configured to periodically test the battery system and calculate true battery runtime using measured values for temperature and load.


• Works With all Battery Types:

Flooded, VRLA NiCad and Sodium (GE Durathon)

• Online Battery Test:

The risk of load loss is prevented by periodic rectifier/ battery testing to insure proper operation

• Increases Battery Life:

Monitors all key parameters of the battery plant to maximize reliability and warn of possible problems

Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

DSP (Digital Signal Processor) performance enables the high sampling rates required to achieve the appropriate bandwidth for the current and voltage controls for an efficient double-conversion UPS.

• High speed sampling rate for precise RPA control

• Faster transient response time

• Redundant high speed communication

• All digital controls for increased reliability and stability

• All system control parameters are adjustable from the front panel

Zig Zag Output Transformer

The ZigZag transformer enables the UPS to run with heavily unbalanced loads while supplying full kVA output capacity at

100% non-linear load.

The secondary windings of the output transformer form a

ZigZag pattern to cancel triplen (third order) load harmonics.

This reduces neutral conductor loading and losses in all the conductors and the input transformer. Inverter output transformer inductance filters noise during eBoost operation.

• Provides galvanic isolation of the load

• Protects inverter from non-linear loads

• Protects inverter from high inrush loads

• No magnetizing inrush current during eBoost transfers

• Allows for neutral creation against 277V server loads


SBM - UPS Battery Management & Test

SBM is a comprehensive and programmable management and monitoring system that protects the UPS battery string life. Batteries are prevented from overcharging and deep discharging.

• Calculates true battery autonomy and remaining battery backup time during utility outage.

• Measures the volts per cell of the battery system and compensates for temperature and load.

• During UPS startup, the SBM is programmed with specific battery information.

• Programmable features allow the user to select the frequency and type of battery tests that are performed. Frequency range can be from once per week to annually. Test type range can be from deep cycle to 3-min discharges.

• All tests logged in the UPS events menu and any failure is reported on the UPS front alarm panel.

• All tests done automatically with the UPS on-line.

• Manual tests can be performed at any time.

• Remote programming and configuration is available through the SG Series UPS protection software.

High Performance

Input Performance

Robust Rectifier for Wide Input Range

The wide AC input voltage and frequency window avoids unnecessary battery discharge even when operating from an unstable AC source (i.e. diesel generator).

Programmable Soft Start

Allows the rectifier to ramp up in a programmable time period

(0-30 seconds) eliminating in-rush current. This feature reduces the need of oversizing the input power system (gensets, feeder cables and overcurrent devices).

Smart Input Filters, <5 % THDi

GE offers an optional internal input filter with the SG Series UPS.

The “smart” filter has a programmable feature that allows the filter to be switched off during start-up and low load conditions, preventing leading power factor (PF).

Generator Compatibility

User-programmable features such as slew rate, phase angle rateof-change and voltage rate-of-change allow the UPS to quickly sync to a genset during emergency back-up. GE’s optional input filter also has user-programmable features, ensuring quick and continuous synchronization to generator voltage.

Output Performance

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

A distorted output voltage waveform affects the proper function of the load’s equipment. The SG Series UPS has very low output voltage THD, even with connected 100% unbalanced or 100% non-linear loads.

Transient Response

With the use of SVM and the ZigZag transformer, the

SG Series UPS can react very quickly to zero-100% step loads (within 1/3 cycle). This reduces the need to oversize the UPS for severe pulse-load applications.

Overload Capabilities

The SG Series UPS has a robust inverter capable of delivering 150% overload for 60 seconds (225-300 kVA) and 30 seconds (400-750 kVA).

Phase Load Imbalance

The UPS Output ZigZag transformer, via its inherent characteristics and windings configuration, provides excellent voltage regulation against phase-to-neutral

(Ph-N) load imbalances.

UPS Module Power Paths



Redundant Parallel Architecture

(RPA) System Configuration

GE provides RPA, a unique technology that can parallel UPS modules with true redundancy by eliminating any single point of failure.

RPA provides a scalable paralleling technique that reduces operating footprint and increases system reliability by eliminating the need for external paralleling equipment and cabinets (centralized bypass and master control).

One of the UPS modules in the system intelligently takes the leadership role, while the other UPS modules have access to all control parameters. If one UPS fails to operate, the load is automatically redistributed among the others. If the lead UPS fails to operate, then another UPS automatically takes on the leadership role. GE’s RPA technology is implemented by distributing the control electronics within each UPS module in the system.


System Advantages

No Single Points of Failure

The RPA system provides complete redundancy of all critical components, allows paralleling of up to 6 units for increased load capacity or redundancy.

Patented Bypass Reactor Design

Ensures excellent output voltage regulation between paralleled modules and assists bypass line conditioning

Scalable and Modular

The system can be easily expanded for higher capacity and redundancy without any interruption to the critical load or transfer to bypass.

Redundant Communication

Redundant high speed bus and control electronics provide higher system reliability.

Distributed Control Logic

Each module in an RPA system has its own operational controller.

Each one continuously communicates with all others in order to manage the entire system like a team.

Online Maintenance

N+1 configurations allow maintenance on any single module in the system while other modules provide online protection with battery backup.

Sequential Soft Start

Provides sequential soft start of each module to reduce instantaneous load on input feeders during mains recovery. This helps avoid over-rating of generator and overheating of cable and fuses.

RPA Cable Saver

UPS Module input and output cable length variation up to 10% between modules. With eBoost technology, this cable length flexibility is increased up to 25% between modules. This feature will save up to 20% in UPS installation costs.

Smaller Footprint

RPA eliminates the centralized control and external static bypass cabinet.



Inside Each UPS Module is:

• Bypass Reactor & Conditioning

• RPA Control/Communications

• 100% Rated Static Switch

Over 8,000 RPA UPS Systems installed globally!

Redundant Parallel Architecture

(RPA) System Options

Intelligent Energy Management Integrated (IEMi)

IEMi is a software package which allows RPA systems to save energy and reduce operating costs ($) during low load conditions.

Individual inverters, which are not required to support the load, can automatically be switched off to save energy costs ($). The

IEMi mode can be programmed for various operating modes and the customer defines the degree of redundancy required.

Intelligent Sync Module (ISM)

For System + System (2N) applications, the ISM module is utilized to synchronize the outputs of two modules or two groups of UPS’s that are fed from separate and independent sources. This allows the two systems to be synchronized for down-stream switching. The ISM is an intelligent control that is mounted external from the UPS module.

It has the ability to select which system is the master and can also send/receive permissive signals from downstream devices.

Additionally, the ISM follows the same tradition as RPA, with redundancy in all critical components. The ISM communicates via redundant communication cables and has options for redundant power supplies and control circuitry.

Competitor’s Centralized Static Bypass System

ISM: Standard S+S Configuration


• Central Control

• Centralized Bypass

• Output Breaker

• Static Bypass Switch



Software & Connectivity Solutions

Protection Software

GE Data Protection software can communicate with the UPS over

RS-232, USB or SNMP to receive status information and measurement values of the UPS. In case of a critical condition (time on battery, remaining battery autonomy time or low battery) for the load, the software starts a controlled shutdown.

An enhanced alarm management system provides the possibility to start applications, send messages and send e-mails for every upcoming or disappearing alarm.


Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Solution

iUPSGuard, GE’s remote monitoring solution, is an anytime, anywhere concept in UPS status monitoring and alarm notification supporting all

GE UPS product lines.

Accessing the latest site information via Web and being alerted by E-mail or SMS, it enables the user to make timely decisions in case of changing critical conditions. With comprehensive data collection and analysis, it improves diagnostics capability and enhances response time.

• 24/7 remote access to your UPS data using standard web browsers

• Automatic alerts in case of an event, direct and immediately to your cell phone or by e-mail

• Regular operational reports with proactive information on critical data

• Preventative information using PMAD (Preventative Maintenance &

Advanced Diagnostics) feature

• Possibility to reduce intervention and on-site work

Remote Connectivity to Building Management Systems

This optional Standard Network Management

Protocol (SNMP) Plug–In Card allows the UPS to communicate over a LAN or interface through all major building management systems (BMS).

Integrates a modern web server for UPS monitoring via LAN, drives remote server shutdown in case of critical UPS alarms and works as Modbus TCP Converter “as well as

Modbus RTU 485”.

Options & Accessories

UPS Rectifier

The 6-Pulse Rectifier is standard for the SG Series 225-750 kVA UPS

Modules. A 12-Pulse Rectifier is available for only the 750 kVA Module.

Input Harmonic Filters

The 5 th

harmonic input filter is used for reducing the 5 th

harmonic generated by the 6-pulse Rectifier. This filter reduces the input harmonic distortion to less than 7% THD, and increases the output power factor to 0.93. The 11 th

harmonic input filter (400 kVA and above

UPS) when combined with the 5 th

harmonic input filter, is used for reducing the 5 th

and 11 th

harmonics generated by the rectifier. This filter combination reduces input THD to less than 5% and increases the power factor to 0.96.

FCC EMI Filters

GE provides an internal FCC EMI filter as a cost-effective option for installations that require FCC Class A certification (300 kVA and below).

Module Fault Withstand Rating

Series SG UPS modules have fault withstand ratings up to 100kA maximum.

Remote Alarm Status Panels

GE provides both single and multi-module versions of a Remote Alarm

Status Panel for remote summary status of key UPS parameters.

4x2 Combo Cabinets

GE provides integrated cabinets to include 3CB maintenance bypass capability at 480V with downstream stepdown transformer to 208/120V.

Feature options include SKRU kirk key interlocks and 208V output subfeed circuit breakers or panelboard.

Battery Cabinets

GE provides line-and-match VRLA Battery Cabinet Systems with integral overcurrent protection with various back up time configuration. Optional battery monitoring or seismic certifications are available for these cabinets.

Maintenance Bypass Cabinets

GE provides line-and-match Maintenance Bypass Cabinets or switchgear-design non-matching cabinets. Feature options include SKRU kirk key interlocks and integrations with RPA

Output Panels for paralleled UPS Systems.

Seismic Certification

GE has achieved certification on many UPS Modules for the healthcare vertical market and its OSHPD requirements, and as such can be used to meet seismic regulations anywhere in North America.

Surge Protection Devices

GE provides a complete line of wallmount Surge Protection Devices, up to 300kA ratings, that provide enhanced surge protection to switchgear, panelboards and UPS systems.

Transient voltage surges from both external and internal sources directly affect the performance and life expectancy of electronic equipment.

From electronic lighting ballasts to computer servers, if there is a printed circuit board inside, it is susceptible to transient voltage surge damage.

As microprocessors and components that make up this equipment grow smaller and faster with each new generation, their susceptibility to transient voltage surge damage becomes ever greater.

Available in ratings from 65kA - 300kA per mode (130kA -600kA per phase), the TR7000 series is the perfect surge suppression product for protecting critical sensitive electronic equipment throughout your facility.

Recommended installation locations are service entrance switchboards, panelboards and UPS systems.


Factory Testing & Customer Witness Testing

Factory Testing can include, but is not limited to:

• Functional test of full parallel RPA system including transfers to bypass, utility failure, EPO, etc.

• 0-100% step loads with waveform capture

• 0-100% bypass transfers with waveform captures

• Full Functional test of parallel RPA system including master fail and communications failure simulations

• Output short circuit with waveform capture

• Removal of module from the system with waveform capture

• Steady state measurements from 0-100% load of voltage, current, output voltage regulation, input/output power factor, output voltage THD, input current THD, frequency

• Inverter or power supply failure simulations

• Overload of full system up to 150%

• Full functional test of RPA output switchgear including transfers in and out of main bypass mode

• 100% utility failure with waveform capture

• eBoost functionality tests


Field Testing & Service Capabilities

On-Site Services that include:

• UPS Module Startup & Test

• Battery Measurement & Monitoring

• Load Bank Testing

• Thermography Testing

• Project Management

• Site Commissioning Assistance

• Repair, Upgrade, Retrofit

• Site Audits & Assessments

Our UPS Backs Up Your Load,

Our Service Backs Up Your UPS

GE’s UPS Services offerings range far beyond standard product support: from on-site services for risk-reducing installation and startup, to availability services to help you proactively reduce downtime and meet your service-level commitments. From installation to product retirement, warranty upgrades to remote monitoring, proactive care to 24/7 problem resolution, you can rely on GE’s field service organization for all your electrical infrastructure support needs.

On-Site & Emergency Services

• 24/7 Emergency Hotline

Spare Parts

• Spare Part Kits

• Product Replacement / Return

• Equipment Rentals

• Battery & Capacitor Replacements

Contractual Services

• Maintenance Service Contracts

• Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

• Technical Services


• Training for Operators

• Training for Maintenance Staff

• Product Training

• Web-Based Training

Your electrical infrastructure‘s availability, stability and adaptability are crucial to your business success. Rely on the support professionals who know your system best!

Customer Service Support


+1 800 637 1738

US-Based Customer Service

Answered Live



UPS Energy Efficiency Calculator

Reducing UPS Cost of Ownership

Use the UPS Energy Efficiency

Calculator tool to see how GE’s new eBoost

technology can increase

UPS efficiency and greatly reduce operating costs.


Customer enters application information


Calculated comparison showing eBoost savings


Over 15,000 downloadable resources for our customers provides customers with access to the latest product and solutions news, downloadable resources and interactive digital tools.

• Access to the entire portfolio of product solutions:

- Brochures

- Manuals

- White Papers

- Software

- Drawings

- Videos

• Multi-language support in Chinese and Spanish

• Industry solution offerings & advanced navigation

Technical Specifications

Power Rating

Energy Usage




Battery Plant


Output Power rating (KVA)

Output Power Rating (KW) - 0.90 PF

eBoost Mode Efficiency at 50% Load

eBoost Mode Efficiency at 100% Load *

eBoost Mode BTU/hr at 100% Load *

Dbl Conv Mode Efficiency at 50% Load *

Dbl Conv Mode Efficiency at 100% Load *

Dbl Conv Mode BTU/hr at 100% Load*

Dimensions, w x dp x h (in.)

Weight, module only (lbs) *



Input Filter

Dual Input Capable

Voltage Range (w/o battery discharge)

Power Factor (lagging) *

Current THD





Crest Factor

Static Voltage Regulation

100% Step Load Voltage Regulation

100% Linear Load Voltage Distortion

100% Non-Linear Load Voltage Distortion eBoost Transfer Time

Overload Capability / Inverter

Overload Capability / Static Bypass

Compatible Technologies

Float Voltage

Recharge Time

Audible Noise

Audible Noise (eBoost Mode)

Ambient Operating Temp



Listings / Registrations


RFI / Surge Protection

Communication / Connectivity











65 x 31.5 x 71.2


< 7.5%

















6-Step Thyristor Bridge Rectifier









80.7 x 33.4 x 76.7

< 7.0% < 5.0%

60Hz +/- 10%

480/277V 3ph 3w or 4w + grd

750 (6P)








750 (12P)








146.5 x 35.4 x 76.7

3,086 5,226 5,226 9,800

480/277V 3ph 3w or 4w + gnd ; Input Source must be 480/277V grounded wye



5 th Harm 5 th & 11 th Harm

Remove internal jumper cables for separate inputs to Rectifier & Static Bypass

11 th Harm

-20% to +15%

< 7.0%



< 5.0%


< 5.0%

PWM IGBT Inverter w/SVM Technology and ZigZag Isolation Transformer

60Hz +/- 0.01% free running

3 : 1

+/- 1%

+/- 3%

2% THD maximum

3% THD maximum

< 2msec from Bypass to Inverter, within ITI / CBEMA voltage compliance curve

125% / 10 min ; 150% / 30 sec 125% / 10 min ; 150% / 1 min

110% continuous ; 200% for 5 minutes

125% / 10 min ; 150% / 30 sec

VRLA, Premium Durathon VRLA, Wet Cell (and DC Flywheel technologies)

545 VDC @68 degrees F (20° C)

10X discharge time (at 30min battery runtime)

67 db(A) at 5 ft 75 db(A) at 5 ft 65 db(A) at 5 ft

60 db(A) at 5 ft

UPS Module: 32 to 104 degrees F (0-40° C)

0-95% non-condensing

Seismic Certified, GE EcoMagination Certified

UL1778 / IEC62040 / ISO 9001

IP20 and NEMA PE-1

EN50091-2 / IEC 62040-2 / IEEE 587B / FCC Class A Part B Compliance. Special FCC Filters available.

RS232, programmable alarm contacts, programmable relays, optional SNMP, Modbus

Black w/grey logo & kickplates

12 month after startup or 18 month after shipment (whichever first). Extended warranties available.

For more technical information, please refer to the applicable product Technical Datasheet

* Efficiency figures shown are for UPS Modules using 5 th

Harm Input Filter (225-750 kVA, 6-Pulse Rectifier), and no Harm Input Filter (750 kVA, 12 Step Rectifier).


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+1 800 637 1738

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