AC Adapter Hidden Camera DVR PRO
AC Adapter Hidden Camera DVR PRO
AC Adapter wall plug with hidden camera has built-in DVR,
time/date/ video stamp, motion detection and 720x480
resolution video at 30fps
Key features
»» Looks like a regular wall plug AC adapter
»» Built in hidden DVR and camera
»» Time/Date Video Stamp
»» Motion detection saves storage space by
recording only when movement is detected
»» Powered by AC outlet - no batteries needed
»» High-quality 720 x 480 resolution video
@ 30 fps
»» Stores hours of video footage on a
removable SD card (up to 32GB)
product specifications
The AC Adapter Hidden Camera DVR Pro looks like your average wall plug AC adapter but
functions as a spy camera and DVR. Use the hidden camera to track activities in your home or
office. It’s perfect for monitoring employees, kids, caregivers, and household staff.
This high-quality recording device is portable and easy to install. All you need to do is plug the
unit into a working AC outlet, insert the SD card and the device will start recording once motion
is detected.
With the AC Adapter the DVR features adjustable recording settings, and can also be plugged
directly into your TV or monitor for video playback.
Comes with 90-day warranty.
Image Sensor
1/4" CMOS camera lens
720x480 NTSC
Time/Date Stamp
Focal Lens
Angle of View
78 degrees
0.5 lux @ F2.0
Recording Resolution
720 x 480 @ 30 fps
Video Format
Recording Mode
Motion detection or
continuous recording
Memory Type
SD card
Max SD Card Size
PC Interface
Mini USB 2.0
2.51" x 2.04" x 1.96"
3.8 oz
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