Dahle Offers new Shredder Performance Kit

Dahle Offers new Shredder Performance Kit
Contact: Chris Jackson
For Immediate Release
Ensuring Optimal Performance of Your Precision Machine
Peterborough, NH, January 1, 2009 –
Just like any finely tuned machine, your shredder needs to be
properly oiled to run at peak performance. But this simple task is
often neglected, which causes unnecessary jamming and decreased
performance. To prevent this, Dahle is introducing a new Shredder
Performance Kit that eliminates the guesswork of "Who", "How
Much", and "How Often" your shredder should be oiled.
The Performance Kit is available as an option with the purchase of a
new Dahle professional shredder. It includes a 4 liter automatic oiler,
four gallons of shredder oil, 100 waste bags, and professional
“Adding a Performance Kit to your new Dahle shredder is the best
way to maintain peak performance,” said Scott Prokop, VP, Dahle
North America, Inc. “It's the perfect option for a centralized shredder
with multiple users.”
This kit is professionally installed from the factory. Just attach, fill
and shred your unwanted confidential information. The core of this
kit is the 4 liter automatic oiler. This oiler provides slow, continuous oil across the entire cutting mechanism. This
lubrication reduces friction on the precision milled cutting cylinders and ensures optimal shredding performance.
The low oil automatic shutoff will remind you when it’s time to refill the oiler. All supplies included in this kit
can be reordered at any time from your local Authorized Dahle Dealer.
Dahle North America, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of business machines and office
products with a brand name recognized for quality and precision. Dahle markets more then 300 products,
including paper shredders, paper cutters and trimmers, scissors, letter folders, and pencil sharpeners, for the office,
home, and art markets.
To learn more about purchasing a Dahle professional shredder with a Performance Kit, please call (800) 995-1379
or visit our website at www.dahle.com.
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