Students Adding Samples to EPortfolio
Students Adding Samples to EPortfolio
1. Log into your teacher’s class website OR access it from your own Hub.
2. Click on the “Portfolios” tab on the top of your class site.
3. Your portfolio page will be displayed. It will have your profile, your current grade and quick
add buttons to do quick uploads.
If you need to edit the profile, click on the “Edit Profile” link. You can change the information
here. If the current grade is not correct, click on the “Edit icon” next to the grade to change the
current grade.
To add content to the site, you can do one of two things:
Insert Button
Click on the “Add to your Portfolio” button.
This will allow you to upload multiple TYPES
Of files.
A new dialogue window will pop up.
Click on the Insert tab.
Please include the
title of the post
and brief
Clicking on the Insert tab will enable you to upload a sample from your computer to the eportfolio.
These could be pictures, videos, written assignments, Powerpoints, links, etc
Note: this table WILL NOT be displayed until you click your cursor inside the BODY
You can upload multiple file types. Just keep clicking on the Insert tab and select the
type of file you’d like to insert.
When you are done, click on the Submit button.
Inserting Samples using the Quick Insert Icons
This enables you to upload single files types in a very quick manner.
1. Click on the icon of the file type you’d like to upload.
Fill in the Title. Click on the correct tag and write a description. The file can be “drag and
dropped” into the window.
3. You can drag multiple files of the same type into the window.
When you are done, click submit.
Inserting Youtube Videos
A new addition to 2013 is the Embed
feature for videos. This is very useful for
embedding Youtube videos so that they are
displayed as true media players within the
Go to Youtube. Click on the
Share link under the video
itself. Click on the “Embed”
tab. Uncheck “Show
suggested videos . . .”
E Check “Enable privacyenhanced . . .
Highlight the embed code.
Paste it into the window that
is opened up in Sharepoint.
Click “Insert”
It will be inserted as shown
on the left.
Editing Already Existing Posts
If you need to edit a post, click on the post that you need to edit. Then click on the Edit icon.
You can add more files, change the date on the post itself, add a tag or delete the whole post.
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