Seven Key Components to Reduce, Detect and

Seven Key Components to Reduce, Detect and
Seven Key Components to Reduce, Detect
and Prevent Abuse and Neglect
1) PREVENT – The provider has the capacity to detect and prevent the occurrence of
abuse and neglect, and reviews specific incidents for lessons learned, which forma a
feedback loop to affect necessary policy changes.
2) SCREEN – The provider makes the effort to determine the appropriateness of a
prospective employee’s experience in working with individuals with specific
conditions and needs, and seeks to identify and verify any previous charges of
abuse and neglect of a prospective employee. The provider also screens individuals
receiving services to determine whether the individual’s needs can be appropriately
addressed within the provider’s setting.
3) IDENTIFY – The provider creates and maintains a proactive approach for
identifying events and occurrences that may constitute or contribute to abuse and
4) TRAIN – The provider gives all employees, through orientation and ongoing
training programs, information regarding abuse and neglect. Training should
include reporting requirements and procedures for detection, intervention and
prevention. Individuals receiving services should be trained to recognize and
identify signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect; they should also be informed of
ways in which they and their family members can support detection and prevention
5) PROTECT – The provider seeks generally to support and protect individuals
receiving services, their families and staff. Additionally, the provider makes an
effort to protect individuals from abuse and neglect during investigation of
allegations of abuse or neglect.
6) REPORT AND INVESTIGATE – The provider puts in place measures that facilitate
and assure the reporting of abuse and neglect. The provider also assures timely,
thorough and objective investigation of all allegations of abuse, neglect or
7) RESPOND – The provider assures that the appropriate corrective, remedial or
disciplinary action occurs in accordance with applicable local, state or Federal law,
in response to findings resulting from investigations.
These seven Key Components comprise an integrated approach for the
detection and prevention of abuse and neglect. The objective of this
approach is to address abuse and neglect at critical points in program
planning, policy development and operations.
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