SafeGuard® Advanced Security Benefits

SafeGuard® Advanced Security Benefits
SafeGuard® Advanced Security
Data security policy enforcement
Enhanced security
, Easy enforcement of a
company-wide security policy
in heterogeneous environments
(multiple operating systems,
multiple devices – PCs,
notebooks, Terminal Servers)
, Improved system availability/
stability and thus guaranteed
business continuity through
efficient protection against
unauthorized program installation
, Protection against unauthorized
access and misuse
, Protection against connection of
unauthorized peripheral devices
The customizable security suite for policy-based
access control – for office and mobile workers
, Comprehensive protection
against unauthorized import
and export of data
Today's networked business environment and the unstoppable and rapid emergence of mobile
computing make a business's IT infrastructure a key ingredient for business success. Likewise,
the IT infrastructure has many potential weak spots. Sensitive information stored on servers
and personal devices demand around the clock protection and system availability is a
prerequisite for business continuity.
, Administration integrated into
Microsoft Management Console
(MMC) for Active Directory and
Novell administration tools
Therefore, unauthorized access to the IT infrastructure is a major concern. Security issues
include prohibiting unauthorized access to devices, applications, and the company network,
preventing users from installing unauthorized software and hardware.
, Reduced help-desk workload
through increased system
integrity/availability and eased
password management for users
Organizations must make serious efforts to establish company wide security policies but often
lack the tools to enforce them. SafeGuard Advanced Security fills this need. Regardless of
whether users work with different platforms or access different devices – PCs, notebooks,
terminal servers – the seven modules of SafeGuard Advanced Security provide a tailor-made
security solution.
Easy to deploy
, Customized security through
modular architecture
Easy to use
, Advanced Security base (BASE) replaces the system logon
with strong authentication.
, No training effort required
because of transparent
implementation of all user
, Application Specific Access Rights (ASAR) furnishes three-dimensional
access rights for users, applications, and data.
, Implicit prevention from loading
obsolete file versions through
Removable Media Management
, Plug and Play Management (PnP) allows central control of
Plug & Play devices.
, Increased productivity and/or
asset usage through secure and
efficient client sharing
Comprehensive security features, easy administration, and ease of use make SafeGuard
Advanced Security the solution of choice.
, Plug & Play devices with all rights
can be used without limitations
About Utimaco – The Data Security Company.
Utimaco is the leading provider for data security solutions. The Data Security Company enables midsized to large organizations to safeguard their data assets against attacks and to comply with privacy
laws by protecting their confidentiality and integrity. Utimaco’s complete range of solutions provides full
360° protection unlike free, end-point or built into encryption solutions which only cover specific security
needs. Its advanced SafeGuard Solutions help to manage and secure data in what ever conditions:
during storage (data at rest), during transmission (data in motion) and during processing (data in use).
Utimaco offers its customers comprehensive on site support via a worldwide network of partners and
subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Asia. For more information, visit
SafeGuard® Advanced Security
Key Features/Functionality
Base Module
, Sophisticated authentication through enhanced password
rules and smartcards and/or PIN
, Fast and secure client sharing for domain-users: removing
and inserting the smartcard securely closes and reopens
the personal desktop without repeated logoff/logon
, Comprehensive security event logging
, Windows Installer (MSI) based installation
, Full integration in Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
and Novell administration tools, respectively
, Configuration Viewer for concise presentation of current
Plug and Play Management (PnP)
, Usage control for Plug and Play devices
p Usage allowed or prohibited by device class
(drives, printers, etc.) or device-ID for specific devices
p Forced drive mapping in conjunction with ASAR-module
allows definition of device specific access and data export
p Forced drive mapping in conjunction with SafeGuard
LAN Crypt allows specification of device specific
encryption rules
Application Specific Access Rights (ASAR)
, 3-dimensional management of access rights to control
interaction between users, data, and applications
, Novell-Client and other products supported
at client logon
, Novell ZENWorks
, Citrix MetaFrame including Terminal Server
, IBM Client Security Software (CSS and ESS)
, Integration of smartcards or USB tokens
via PKCS#11
System Requirements
, PC with Intel Pentium or similar
, Minimum 35 MB free hard disk space
(for full installation of all modules)
Operating System
, Microsoft Windows XP / 2000
, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition
, Novell Server 5.1 / 6.0 (for administration)
, Citrix client 6.31 Citrix MetaFrame XP FR2
, IBM CSS 5.20 or higher
, All Microsoft-supported networks
Complementary SafeGuard® products
, SafeGuard Easy for basic encryption of the entire
hard disk or of removable media
, SafeGuard PDA for protecting pocket PCs
, SafeGuard LAN Crypt for transparent enciphering
of files/folders
, MS GINA client interface
, Novell IntranetWare client interface
, Interface to biometric authentication (PKCS#11 PAP)
, PKCS#11
Language Versions
, English, German, French (Base module)
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