Warm-up “Partner Retrieval Activity”
Pairs share one ball.
Each pair goes to coach and gives them their ball. The coach tosses the ball
out for each pair to retrieve Each pair brings the ball back a variety of ways:
1) Run and collect the ball.with all four hands on the ball and run it back
to the coach. 2) Run and collect the ball, but t bring 1t back to the
coach with the ball in between their foreheads and all four hands
on the ball. 3) Run and collect the ball. Bring the ball back to
the coach, but only use your feet. This will be the
introduction to passing.
1st Activity (Maze Game) “Check-out Passing”
Cones are placed around the grid as shown.
Each pair now passes to each other. After they pass, they run around
a cone (check-out). The player with the ball needs to wait until their
partner is around a cone before they pass the ball. When the“ a
player that has “checked-out” receives the ball, they dribble /
the ball and wait for their teammate who just passed the
ball to run around a new cone. This teaches the player
with the ball to make eye contact with their *
teammate before passing the ball. It also works on
getting them to move after they pass. Make it a A
game and see how many times they can
Là _
2nd Activity (Maze Game)“Gates Passing”
Now pick up the cones and make gates with them.
Now each pair work together and try and pass the ball
between the gates to each other. They must go to a new
gate every time. This gets players to think ahead a little bit in
which a 8,9,10 year old player can start to do. See how many
gates each pair can get in a certain amount of time.
3rd Activity (Target Game)“Storm the Castle”
Make two teams. Each team gets a collection of standup
cones and spreads them all over their defensive half of
the field. It 1s played like a normal game. You do
need the cones that stand upright, not discs.
When a team knocks over a cone, whoever knocked
over the cone picks it up and places the cone on their
defensive half. When time 1S called, the team that has
4th Activity “The Game”
Play small sided soccer with or
without goalkeepers depending
on age group.
ret rent
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