Yamaha | CHH920 | Owner's Manual | Yamaha CHH920 Owner's manual

Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha CHH-920 Closed Hi-Hat Holder. For a full understanding of
its functions and to obtain maximum use and long life from the product, please read this Owner’s
Manual thoroughly before use.
Closed Hi-Hat Holder
q Cymbal Support Plate
r Open Clamp
To attach the bottom hi-hat cymbal, first remove the hi-hat clutch, wing
nut and felt. Next, confirm that the metal plate and rubber washer are
on the cymbal support plate and set the bottom hi-hat cymbal, felt
(small) and wing nut on the holder in that order. Finally, tighten the
wing nut to secure the cymbal in place.
The angle of the cymbal can be adjusted by rotating the knurled-head
bolt, located under the support plate, then securing the bolt in place
with the fixing nut.
To adjust the angle of the entire closed hi-hat holder, loosen the wing
nut (A) on the tilter. Once the unit is set to the desired angle, firmly
tighten the wing nut.
Also, the CHH-920 is held in place with an Open Clamp. Make sure
that the clamp’s sections are parallel then tighten both nuts firmly.
w Hi-Hat Clutch
To attach the top hi-hat cymbal, remove the clutch nut and place the
top cymbal between the felts. Screw the clutch nut back onto the clutch
bolt and tighten firmly.
The lock nuts above the felt can be used to adjust the overall feel and
sound of the hi-hat cymbals. For a loose sound, loosen the nuts off
from the felt; for a tight sound, tighten the nuts onto the felt. Once the
desired sound has been obtained, firmly tighten the lock nuts onto
each other.
e Cymbal Position
The large spring tension dial is used to adjust the span between the
Rotate the dial to the right to close, or to the left to open the span
between the cymbals.
The system is equipped with an indicator for easy reference and setting.
t Mounting Pipe
The 22.2 mm diameter mounting pipe for the hi-hat holder makes possible a wide variety of set-ups. It can be mounted to YAMAHA tom
holders and the bass side of double tom stands. The hi-hat holder can
also be mounted with YAMAHA pipe clamps and clamp accessories
such as Open Clamps (OC-910U and OC-920R), Arm Clamps (AC910), and Cymbal Stand Attachments (CSAT-924).
y Position Clamp
Once the closed hi-hat holder set-up has been decided, the position
clamp on the mounting pipe can be used to mark the settings for future set ups and to prevent unintentional changes during musical performances. Use a drum key to firmly tighten the position clamp into
To maintain smooth action, occasionally apply some grease-grade
oil to all of the moving parts.
● Hi-Hat Clutch
Clutch Bolt
Wing Bolt
Hi-Hat Clutch
Lock Nut
Cymbal Support Plate
Clutch Nut
Open Clamp
Spring Tension Dial
● Cymbal Support Plate
Wing Nut
Wing Nut (A)
Rubber Washer
Metal Plate
Position Clamp
Cymbal Support Plate
Knurled-Head Bolt
* Specification and design are subject to change without notice.
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