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STEP 1. Attach the LED Bracket to the dock with the two #6-32unc X 1/2" long
screws provided in the hardware bag. See Figure 1.
STEP 2. Attach the LED Assembly to the LED Bracket with the two #6-32unc X 1/2"
long pan head screws provided in the hardware bag. See Figure 2.
STEP 3. The LED is powered using the red and brown wires on the light base. It is
designed to operate on 12 VDC.
In a negative ground vehicle:
Connect the RED wire to the positive pole
of the battery or power distribution box. It
is recommended that the supplied fuse
holder and 1 amp fuse be installed on the
RED wire. Connect the BROWN wire to a
suitable chassis GROUND or the negative
pole of the battery.
The LED has three light options: Red,
Red and White, and OFF.
LED Assembly
Figure 2
Figure 1
#6-32unc X 1/2" Screws
#6-32unc X 1/2" Screws
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