Simple Coil Plastic Coil Binding Machine

Simple Coil Plastic Coil Binding Machine
Simple Coil Plastic Coil Binding Machine
Avoid the hassle of manually inserting your spiral coils by hand. The Simple Coil binding machine
combines the hole punch power you need to create perfect perforations along with a sensible and
easy way to insert your coils - all in one machine. For small to medium jobs, the Simple Coil is
just that...simple! It's a great alternative when you compare the time and frustration spent when
faced with manually inserting a spiral plastic coil one hole at a time.
As a manual coil punch and electric coil inserter in one, the Simple Coil offers a complete system
at a very affordable price. It has the punching capacity for up to 10 sheets (20lb paper) and spiral
binding capacity for up to 250 sheets. With a 4:1 pitch, you'll have 4 perfect holes per inch. Then,
simply use the electric coil inserter to spin the coil through your holes. Spiral coil bound materials
offer the convenience of a spiral bound notebook with pages that lay flat, making them easy to
handle and even easier to read.
Increase your productivity with 2-in-1 convenience and affordability. It just makes sense! Order
your Simple Coil today and see for yourself!
Power: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Machine: 12V 5W
Dimensions: 410 x 180 x 290mm
Weight: 4.3kg
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