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 ELE711 Dazer WW
Warm White LED PAR 56 GENERAL INFORMATION The elektraLite Dazer WW brings clean, warm white light in an incomparable level of intensity for its range. At the heart of the elektraLite Dazer WW are thirty‐six powerful 5‐watt LED’s. With a balanced 3,200K color temperature, and a CRI of 92, the Dazer WW provides the same clean, rich, beautiful white light audiences have grown accustom to, making the Dazer WW perfect for any show or event. The built‐in accessory clip and included color frame allow for diffusion and color media to be used as well. The Dazer WW’s sophisticated, proprietary diffraction lensing system provides a packed punch of light in a variety of beam spreads. In fact, included with each fixture are four interchangeable optics, giving the user the options of 15°, 25°, 40°, and 60° beam spreads. d A powerful, well‐rounded LED lighting fixture with a rugged design, the elektraLite Dazer WW is a workhorse, ready to bring rich, bright white light to a wide variety of public spaces including stages, classrooms, galleries, worship spaces, studios, event spaces, live event, and production environments. FEATURES ‐
thirty‐six powerful 5‐watt LED’s combine to bring rich, consistent warm white at a balanced 3,200K color temperature, for true theatrical white light A user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options including master/slave, DMX, strobe, and console‐free static operation. The Dazer WW has 5‐pin XLR DMX connectors (both in and thru). With a convenient, strong double‐yoke included standard, mounting options are limitless. ‐
clean, flicker‐free on camera operation ‐
strong double yoke allows for floor mount or hanging ‐
variable adjustable speed strobe effect ‐
sophisticated diffraction lensing system provides all four beam size diffractive‐lens optics (15°, 25° (installed) , 40°, and 60°) included standard with each fixture ‐
can be run in stand‐alone or master/slave configuration, with or without a control source, for fast, effective, and efficient operation ‐
thermal protection and cooling built‐in ‐
double‐slot gel frame holder and accessory slot with clip built‐in ORDERING INFORMATION ELE711 ELE720 ‐W Dazer WW LED PAR w/ four‐lens set Dazer Four‐Leaf Barn Door (black) White Finish (add to end of fixture part number) elektraLite ∞ Professional LED Ligh ng 70 Sea Lane ∞ Farmingdale, New York ∞ 11735 ∞ 516.249.3662 ∞ MyElektraLite.com PAGE 1 OF 2 ELE711 Dazer WW
Warm White LED PAR 56 SPECIFICATIONS ACCESSORIES Power Consumption ‐ 200 watts (1.9A) Electrical ‐ multi‐voltage; AC 100‐240V – 50/60Hz Housing ‐ black aluminum Materials ‐ corrosion resistant hardware (1) set of lenses, including 15°, 25° (installed) , 40°, and 60° Yoke ‐ rigid flat steel (1) 24” integrated power cable with Edison connector Light Engine ‐ thirty‐six 5‐watt LED emitters Refresh Rate ‐ >400Hz CRI ‐ 94 DMX PROFILE Optics / Lensing(s) ‐ Variable Diffraction Lensing Control ‐ DMX‐512A (in and thru) via 5‐pin XLR Accessories Included with each Dazer WW are as follows: (1) double‐yoke Depending on personality chosen, the Dazer WW can be set for operation from 2 to 4 channels of DMX. Consult the User Manual for further details. The following menu is for use when Personality is set to WS.Id mode. PHOTOMETRICS CH
Photometric data was taken with all channels at full, and reflects the output of the fixture with the lens installed as noted. Comparisons between fixtures should only be made with photometric data that incorporates the lensing system to be used. Beam Angle 13° 28° 41° 58° Lens 15° 25° 40° 60° Field Angle 25° 54° 65° 82° Candela (cd) 84,981 84,630 84,445 84,128 Field Lumens 6,625 6,514 6,108 5,567 Lumens
per Watt 43.0
Lens 15° 25° 40° 60° Beam Size at Beam Size at Beam Size at
10’ Throw (d) 20’ Throw (d) 30’ Throw (d) 6’‐3” 12’‐6” 20’‐4”
8’‐2” 15’‐1” 23’‐7”
12’‐4” 21’‐9” 32’‐10”
16’‐8” 28’‐0” 40’‐9”
To determine illumination in footcandles (fc) at any distance, divide 2
candlepower (cd) by distance squared (fc=cd/(d ). For Lux, multiply footcandles (fc) by 10.76. ACTION DESCRIPTION Grand Master for WW Strobe Effect (various – see manual)
Dimmer Curve (various – see manual)
ID Fixture Address (various – see manual)
* = consult manual for full DMX Profile details DIMENSIONS CHART Physical Dimensions Height Length Width 8.5”
8.5” Shipping Dimensions
14” 14”
kgs 4.3 Shipping Weight
lbs kgs
elektraLite ∞ Professional LED Ligh ng 70 Sea Lane ∞ Farmingdale, New York ∞ 11735 ∞ 516.249.3662 ∞ MyElektraLite.com In a policy of continual improvement, specifications are subject to change. 8/13 PAGE 2 OF 2 
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