V3 Grand Piano - Roy Hendrie Music

V3 Grand Piano - Roy Hendrie Music
V3 Grand Piano
The Ultimate Piano Module
V3 Grand Piano
The ultimate piano sound module, the latest in piano modelling technology,
for stage, living room or expansion of your Silent Piano system.
The unmistakable timbre of two exclusive grand pianos await you,
equipped with the latest in piano modelling algorithms.
Grand Piano Modelling
More Sounds
❶ Saiten Resonance - Pedal down
Grand Piano & E-Piano Stack Latin Octave Grand
E-Piano Tinkle Tine E-Piano FM
B3 Organ Sounds for Rock, Gospel and Jazz
available with slow and fast rotary effect
Pipe Organ Register Theatre Organ Stop
Stereo String Ensembles Synth Strings
Synth Pads E-Bass, Acoustic Bass
Split programs
Grand Piano & E-Bass or Acoustic Bass
Grand Piano & Acoustic Bass and Ride Cymbal
When you press the sustain pedal, the dampers
move up and away from the strings to let them
resonate freely. This function is supported by our
new layer algorithm.
❷ Sympathetic resonance
❸ Note-Off samples
❹ Pedal noise - On/Off samples
❺ Sustain pedal “grabbing“: Press the sustain pedal
after you release to extend the resonance of the strings.
❻ Half pedal function
Use a continuous controller pedal to get different
sustain length, just like a real piano. This feature is
a must-have for any pianist.
Piano Modelling Sounds
Grand Piano Vienna Imperial 290
Grand Piano Hamburg Model D
Electric Grand CP
Honky Tonk
Electric Piano Mark I
Electric Piano Dyno
Electric Piano Wurly A200
Clavichord D6
All modelling sounds are also available in a rock version.
Synth pad and strings are ready to use as layered programs.
Technical Specifications
• 127 Programs
• 5,250 Samples
• Volume & Reverb potentiometer
• 3GB flash memory - power on – one second to play
• 16 MIDI channels
• Polyphony 256 voice
• Ports available for 1 sustain pedal - half pedal feature
• Dimensions: 12cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 6cm (H)
• Weight: 0.21kg
• Host - USB Audio Class 1 comp.
For more information and audio demos visit www.v3sound.com
v3sound gmbh - kirchplatz 7 - 6114 kolsass - austria - europe
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