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TV with Crystal Clear
real flat
Turn up your viewing experience
with Crystal Clear
This TV comes with a Real Flat picture tube that delivers a high-contrast, brighter and
non-distorted life-like picture with Incredible Surround sound effect well dispersed via
two on-board speakers.
Better quality images that reveal more detail
• Real Flat picture tube technology brings you lifelike images
• Crystal Clear improves picture depth
Exciting and lifelike sound
• Incredible Surround™ for enhanced audio enjoyment
One touch convenience
• Smart Picture and Smart Sound to personalise your viewing.
• Signal Strength Indicator indicates how strong the signal is
• The Teletext provides a rich source of information
Advanced connection to your audio/video products
• Component Video Input for top quality playback and recording
For preview purpose only
TV with Crystal Clear
25" real flat
Technical specifications
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Diagonal screen size: 25 inch / 63 cm
Visible diagonal screen size: 59 cm
Display screen type: Real Flat picture tube
Picture enhancement: Crystal Clear, Black
stretch, Color Temperature Adjustment,
Sharpness Adjustment
• Picture processing: 50 Hz
• Sound Enhancement: Auto Volume Leveller,
Digital Sound Processing, Ultra Bass
• Sound System: Incredible Surround, Nicam
• Output power (RMS): 2 x 10W
• Music Power: 20 W
Product highlights
• Tuner bands: Hyperband, S-Channel, UHF, VHF
• TV system: PAL, PAL B/G, PAL D/K, PAL I,
• Video Playback: NTSC
• Aerial Input: 75 ohm coaxial (IEC75)
• Number of Preset Channels: 100
Number of AV connections: 3
AV 1: Audio L/R in, CVBS in, CVI
AV 2: Audio L/R in, CVBS, S-Video
AV 3: Monitor Out
Front / Side connections: CVBS in, Headphone
out, Audio L/R in
• Headphone: 3.5 mm
• Power consumption: 61 W W
• Standby power consumption: < 1 w
• Mains power: 90-276V, 50-60Hz
• Built-in speakers: 2
• Ease of Installation: Autostore, Fine Tuning, PLL
Digital Tuning
• Ease of Use: Smart Picture Control, Smart Sound
• Remote control type: RCLA014
• Teletext: 1 page Teletext
• Teletext enhancements: Program information
• Remote Control: TV
• Remote control: Zappa
• Clock: Sleep Timer
Product weight: 27 kg
Weight incl. Packaging: 31 kg
Color cabinet: Silver Frost (11027)
Box dimensions (W x H x D):
768 x 668 x 618 mm
• Set dimensions (W x H x D):
667 x 514 x 465 mm
Real Flat picture tube
The flatter tube provides a wider viewing angle while
minimizing reflections for the best picture possible. The
special alloy invar shadow mask helps maintain sharper
focus and eliminates 'color blooming' compared to
standard tubes.
Crystal Clear
Combining picture enhancements like Contrast plus and
color improvement, Crystal Clear improves picture
Incredible Surround™
Incredible Surround is an audio technology from Philips
that dramatically magnifies the sound field to immerse
you in the audio. Using state-of-the-art electronic phase
shifting, Incredible Surround mixes sounds from left and
right in such a way that it expands the virtual distance
between the two speakers. This wider spread greatly
enhances the stereo effect and creates a more natural
sound dimension. Incredible Surround allows you to
experience total surround with greater depth and width
of sound, without the use of additional speakers.
Smart Picture and Smart Sound
Philips preset modes for Smart Picture and Smart Sound
provide you with direct access via a single key on the
remote control. You can select optimized picture and
sound settings for the various picture modes such as
Eco, Natural, Rich, Multimedia and Personal, and sound
modes such as Movie, Voice, Music and Personal. Do
refer to the DFU for the various picture and sound
smart modes.
Signal Strength Indicator
The signal strength indicator displays signal strength
when you change the channel, and continuously tracks
and updates the incoming signal strength.
The Teletext is a communication system transmitted by
most broadcasters in Europe, which contains a rich
variety of information. This information can only be
viewed by a set equipped with a Teletext decoder.
Component Video Input (YPbPr)
Component Video is the highest quality interconnection
standard for analog video. It is sharper than S-video and
composite video. Philips DVD recorders can record
directly from component video (such as YPbPr) sources
including satellite receivers
Date of issue 2006-08-16
Version: 7.0
12 NC: 8670 000 21286
EAN: 87 10895 84753 7
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Electronics N.V. or their respective owners.
© 2006 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
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