SureFit™ Installation Tool
2 | March 2017
SureFit™ Installation Tool
SureFit sprockets have been engineered with a flexible finger design and a slight interference
fit to achieve the best installation on internally geared hubs. This design reduces noise and
wear, but requires proper installation. Forcing the sprocket onto the hub driver, or excessive
prying of the fingers can damage the sprocket during installation. Gates offers the SureFit
Installation Tool (PN 7468-0999) for easier installation of these sprockets.
One side of the tool is used to install SureFit sprockets onto Shimano and SRAM hubs, and the
other side is used to install SureFit sprockets onto NuVinci® Cycling hubs. An ergonomic cap is
included, and should be placed over the end that is not being used for sprocket installation.
Place the sprocket onto the hub in proper position for installation. Using the proper end of the
SureFit tool for the specific hub, engage the ramps on the tool into the SureFit fingers of the
sprocket (rotating the tool can assist in finding proper ramp engagement). Press down with
even pressure on the top of the tool. As pressure is applied, the tool will expand the fingers,
and properly seat the sprocket onto the hub driver. Avoid tilting the sprocket during installation.
If the sprocket does tilt, remove it and repeat the process. Do not force the sprocket onto the
hub driver. The SureFit Installation Tool works with all Gates SureFit sprockets.
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